Rata Blanca - La Leyenda del Hada y El Mago

Rata Blanca - Mujer amante │ Video Clip │ ACTIVA EL SUBTITULO

When men are lost in the depth of their dark, the old ones return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the earth, destroy the sea and sky, Peace for mankind will crumble to hate and pain.

Ok, here are some suggestions Verse 1, Line 3: However, I have some things to ask you before I correct two lines: When we say "sight" isn't it more like something beautiful we ourselves see? He was wandering through the forest when he saw the beautiful look on the eyes of a fairy. I await your answer to correct it if needed. And "soportar", as I understand it I don't know if it's just a regional usage , means to endure maybe that'll work better?

So 'sight' refers to the look of the fairy as a whole. I don't quite grasp your understanding of 'sight' though Yeah, I think 'endure' is a nice translation of 'soportar' I think you can translate it as 'maintain' as in to keep something going, I'm not entirely sure though Still, I don't know if anyone else would, so it's better to ask someone from another region.

As for "mirada", it's as in "he had a sad look in his eyes". It's not their appearance but their eyes and what they show. Someone can have a "mirada triste" or "mirada dulce", and that's why the original lyrics say it. I'm waiting for your opinion on this I'm not sure how to translate that idea to English. I'm confusing 'vista' and 'mirada' now I think 'vista' is what you could safely translate to 'sight' in English as in the act of seeing, although 'mirada' is more iffy Is it not possible then to translate 'mirada' in the same way as 'vista' in some contexts?

To be honest I don't think there is one word that captures the sense of 'mirada' in English For example, there's a man that has many devices to find lost things e.

Nevertheless, when we're talking about blind people, we only say "vista" in this case: If this song said "vista" instead of "mirada", it would mean that the forest was beautiful.

Thank you very much for your help, it is well appreciated. Well, I can understand what RataNegra is trying to say It is supposed to mean "look sad" You look so sad , but the word in English does not totally capture the complete meaning of the word in Spanish or Portuguese, but it tries to transmit the idea.

I say so because Spanish and Portuguese are similar, the words change but the meaning, most of times, is the same.

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La leyenda del hada y el mago (Letra) - Rata Blanca
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