A Wilhelm Scream - Stab. Stab. Stab. Guitar Cover

A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher (full album) + [link download]

Personal obligations arose—members worked odd jobs, frontman Nuno Pereira became a father, and the band was often scattered across Ontario, Michigan, and New Bedford, Mass.

Few bands are able to combine serious melodic hardcore guitar shredding with that punk feel that make us all want to jump up and down and run in a circle. I can honestly say that they are on of the best live band i have ever seen, they alway kill it.

This is why I was very excited to get to talk to Tervor Reilly about the gear he uses, both on the road and in the studio.

24 Aug A Wilhelm Scream is a band I can...

So here it is…. What do you use live and how does it contribute to the sound? Have you used anything different on the records compared to live? Something about a Les Paul, I love the raw sound, I love the weight, it just feels right.

Anybody over at Gibson reading this? Wanna hook a dude up? His had these fine tuners on the bridge, which helped out on the high jangly chords. So of course i had to get one of those for recording. How has your live setup changed over time, and if so, what were you looking to gain by changing? Those amps are like tanks, they do not break and always sound great, as long as you know how to dial it in.

We own a few over in Europe as well, which sound spongier, must be the voltage. Those amps never let me down, ever. The Mesa Rectifier cabs are awesome, great low end on those. The next step for me is running both rigs simultaneously. Do you use any pedals live or in the studio? I kinda experiment during the gig or sound check to see how they respond, but they are both awesome pedals and add that extra something in many situations.

How do you keep you gear in good shape when touring? I try to simplify things as much as I can, and always store things in the same place. Shout out to GOMC cases, my guitar case has been kicking ass worldwide for ten years now.

Lastly I have to ask you about recording at The Blasting Room. I think they captured the essence of our band. Once again thanks so much, love your music and sound.

Thank you so much, this was fun! They most recently release Partycrasher in via No Idea Records.

Gear talk with Trevor, on the road and in the...
Recently got my Les Paul refretted by Scott Engel at...
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A Wilhelm Scream - 'Walkin' With Michael Douglas'
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8 Aug A Wilhelm Scream's Partycrasher follows the long-running punk...
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I swear we had no idea those were the names of hardcore bands, both really good ones.

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