Austin- Pete's Dueling Piano Bar

Alicia's Birthday at Pete's Piano Bar in Austin, TX July 2017

United States I have been to two other Dueling Piano establishments and this was by far the most entertaining. The pianists are so well trained.

United States I have been to two other Dueling Piano establishments and this was by far the most entertaining. The pianists are so well trained. They are able to play different instruments and they really want you to have a good time. They make it very interactive. We arrived around 9pm on a Sunday night.

We were able to snag a table. I think it got busy around pm. There are plenty of tables in the front and theres balcony seatings. I can see this place being packed on a Saturday night. Definitely worth a visit if you are visiting and don't like the craziness of the rest of 6th. What a great place to spend the evening. You can book seats ahead of time, or just show up a little early to nab a table.

The waitresses are really nice and make some good recommendations for drinks - they have a full bar so you can order a basic drink or try one of their unique cocktails.

Note - the fishbowls are HUGE. I decided to get a gummy bear shot which comes garnished with a gummy worm which was pretty good, albeit very sweet. The fiancee tried a pickle shot, which sounds like it would be really nasty, but was surprisingly good his words anyway. The pickle juice isn't real pickle juice - it's an artificial kind that is slightly sweet. Now on to the actual show itself - the pianists are very entertaining, cracking just the right amount of jokes and doing a good job with getting the audience engaged.

You can request songs that you'd like to hear, and I was taken aback that there were no songs that stumped the players - they were able to play a whole range of genres, going up to Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Awesome time, even on a slow night. Definitely worth a visit if vacationing or in the area. These guys they should get a girl or two up there are absolutely friggen amazingly talented.

They can play anything without even thinking about it. They are funny and all really good at getting people to have a good time. The bar is regular. They serve drunks drinks. I've been to Pete's during both of my visits to Austin and both times have been so much fun! Be sure to check in on Yelp to get an entry fee discount. All of the employees in here are friendly and the pianists have never disappointed.

In my most recent visit, we requested Despacito and the pianists had one of the bartenders come on stage to rap the Spanish portion. I would definitely say that this is a must-visit for any Austin trip since dueling piano bars are already a rare specialty as it is.

Finally got around to bringing Shana here for her birthday weekend. We got there at 7 pm, stayed until after 1 am. It was a blast, due to a cancellation we got right up front.

Shana got called on stage for her birthday and we met some people from California and a group of teachers. The crowd was fully into it and Shana got into it big time, enough to hurt her legs the next day. One even playing the fiddle. Anyone who doesn't give this a 5 star review should not be trusted. Warning if you are not ready to drink copious amounts of alcohol and have the best night of your life then do not coming to this place. We entered this incredible establishment after seeing it earlier in the day, and it blew our fuckin balls off.

The pianists were nuts, somehow they know every song in the history of the universe. I mean we walked in and they were bangin' Colt 45 by Afroman. Oh wait I'm back right now.

Great dueling piano bar in Austin!! I wish I had more time to spend here. I went after a business meeting around 9: We got the last table, and by the time we left the standing room was also packed!

Strong drinks and friendly waitstaff made the experience great. Make sure to check in on Yelp for a reduced cover! Staff was a little slow, but that's ok. The talent on the pianos more than makes up for it. Just go to the one in Dallas instead. I'm not sure if this is a chain or whatever but much better vibe and experience in Dallas vs Austin.

Servers are inattentive and rude. They either have permanent resting bitch face or insulted that you're doing your job for them by cleaning up after them but not worth the cover charge for this experience. We had a blast here. The performers were so talented and funny and all of the staff in general were very nice.

The drinks are good. Highly recommend booking a reservation for group events. This place is so fun! Don't leave 6th Street without stopping by and singing or yelling along to some of your favorite old-timers. Very fun, yelp discounted entry was nice. Overall great experience and you can easily stay here for a couple of hours or the entire night.

If you do not have a blast at Pete's then something is wrong with you. I have been here several times over the years and each time I leave thinking "why don't I come here more often? You laugh,, you sing, you dance, you drink and then you sing and smile some more. There is something communal about belting out the words of a song and looking around to see the college kids and baby boomers all know the words too Great place for a date, a GNO, a group, to take clients or to go with friends.

If you do not like crowds or sitting close to other people, you will not like this place. Nice bar good drinks great customer service the musicians are great and the atmosphere is vibrant I love a good dueling piano bar, and Pete's definitely delivers a fun time.

The talent we saw was incredible and their ability to get the crowd going made the evening a hilarious and memorable event. Pete's is located on 6th Street, notorious for drawing in college crowds. Since I visited the piano bar over the holidays when many students were on break, the normal college vibe was replaced largely by older tourists out looking for a good time. This made for an excellent evening, void of sloppy younger drunks out looking for a more clubbing vibe. The drinks at Pete's are big and strong, and though they are a bit more expensive than the rest of 6th Street, they still beat LA prices!

One of the funnest things about visiting piano bars around the country is listening to the different songs that crowds request. We were definitely in Texas, as they played college football fight songs, the "Eyes of Texas" and "Proud to be an American" in support of our troops. Also played were all the classic piano bar hits, and even a little Justin Bieber requested from an older gentleman sitting near the stage. Pete's is huge, and there's plenty of tables and seating.

Bring cash to tip your bartenders and the musicians, though I believe they had an ATM inside. I'm a connoisseur of piano bars and this was one of the funner venues I've visited around the country.

I'll definitely be coming back the next time I'm in Austin! They did not honor it. Like most piano bars, the more people there are, the better it gets. My friends and I were in such a mood. The music selection was fun and diverse, the talent was spectacular, and the instrumentation was assorted especially fun was the fiddle and saxophone. Because we got there a little early and we brought the party with us, we didn't get charged a cover. Also, like most piano bars, the more you pay, the quicker your song gets played.

So, if you have to listen to the Canadian National Anthem, then you just roll with it. Fun times, even if you're the designated driver! Came here on a weekday night.

The place was not too crowded and not too empty - just right. The performers were very talented, knew most of the songs, and was very engaging with the audience. Consider bringing a jacket - it can get a little cold in there. Will definitely come back! I went here with a friend last Saturday night. That was both our first time in Austin, so we decided to go with a safe spot. Piano bars have been my default place for a night out whenever I travel to a new place. In my experience, no matter where they are, they're always fun

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