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Woodside, NY This review is for their Money remittance service. There are usually one or two workers behind a kind of glass encased area.

Woodside, NY This review is for their Money remittance service. There are usually one or two workers behind a kind of glass encased area. It's pretty quick and efficient. Weekend mornings around am it can get a little busy. The general inside store area though? It's a bit cluttered with boxes that are waiting to be shipped. I personally have not used their shipping service, but judging from the boxes everywhere and out in the open? I don't think I would. They need to modernize the way the do their business.

I tried sending box to this place, but unfortunately they don't accept credit card only cash or check, I tried offering VENMO and they don't even know about it. I do cashless transactions so they need to find a way to do everything digital. Also I tried setting up a schedule for pick up and they told me nobody's available that day, they will text me if someone is available in there own time. I'm the client and I'm not the one who's supposed to adjust to them they should adjust to me and my availability since they are taking my money in exchange for the service, and besides I schedule it one week in advance.

I'm sorry for my 1 star review but I have to do this in order for you guys to modernize your business. I'll give you a 5 star review until see change. Customer service is great. They were able to ship my packages to the Philippines on time most of the time. Some customers need to understand that some packages get delayed because of other circumstances such as delays on its way to its destination. It's definitely one of the most reliable parcel service from the US to the Philippines.

It's been 4 months since Johnny Cargo told me that they already shipped my box to philippines, keep on calling them because i was hoping that it would arrive before my son's graduation. The lady always tell me that my box is in manila and it will be shipped after 2 weeks? For some reason i don't know.

I waited and waited and waited. Called them again after a month of telling me that it will be shipped to Koronadal blah blah yada yada, and The lady still told me to wait for weeks? It's my first time to send a balikbayan box to philippines for my son who was waiting for his box.

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It's almost april and i still don't know where the heck my box is. Since you guys decided to ship it thru johnny ocean not johnny air cargo. No tracking no nothing!!!!! I have never sent a balikbayan box before and will never do it again. If you are sending a balikbayan box, use another company because Johnny Air is probably the most unprofessional and will rip you off.

First of all, they would not pick up my box from downtown NYC, so I had to drop it off. I dropped it off and spoke to the agent downstairs in the East Village location. I told her I wanted to send this box to Cavite. Now, my argument is this, I did not make the mistake and your Johnny Air staff did by misquoting me. So naturally in a service based industry, the business should accept that responsibility as I am the client.

Not really sure, but I think that is classified as extortion. All I can say is WOW. They were completely unprofessional and rude. Here's the kicker, It is now June and the box still has yet to arrive to my mom. It was sent in the end of February. They told me days. I think this is all a scam, so if I were you I would never use this company for anything. It took about 3 months for the Balikbayan Box to show up in Manila - funny thing is, we were actually IN Manila visiting my parents when the darn box finally showed up!

Some things were missing from the box my dad's running shoes and a giant thing of shampoo which was odd and unexpected. Not sure if I'll ever send another one of these boxes - it took considerably longer than expected 3 months! Sure they told us 2 months, but add another month to that and it becomes an insanely long period of time. First time to send a box back home. Anyways to make my story short, box was picked up from my place oct. Sent out by johnny ocean cargo on the 19th.

Was promised it will arrive in 60 days, before Christmas. My family missed all their Christmas presents. I was I can give a half-star rating, for at least not losing my box. Oh btw, employees don't know shit about the process. They had me book a week in advance for a pick up. The lazy dispatcher in the East Village office never coordinated with the driver even though he had a week to do it. When he realized he didn't contact the driver - he called me back on the pick up day FOUR HOURS after I called him with a response that they couldn't do my pick up because it was raining!!!!

What a stupid excuse - they are just lazy!!!!! Would never recommend this place to anyone - such a waste of time!!!!!!! The website and its features are helpful and easy to navigate - like the online chat.

In addition, customer service is superb. I am an online-shopping customer of both Ginalyn and Joy - their professionalism, efficiency, and kindness is much appreciated. I thought the process was going to be difficult at first but they guided me through it and assisted me well - all my online purchases have gone through smoothly.

I recommend Johnny Air. Always efficient and friendly! Never had any issues, and everything I've shipped has arrived on time and in good condition! We have sent money for a funeral and this was done on a Friday.

The gentleman in front said the money would arrive the next day even though it was a weekend, the money was received 3 days later. They'll say anything to get business. I've been using JohnnyAir for a few years and they've been generally ok. Sometimes they get your stuff to you quick, sometimes you just have to wait a bit. They are not perfect, but JohnnyAir somehow hits the spot when it comes to ordering stuff from US merchants.

They did not even charge me one time when I ordered shoes from the UK and asked them not to forward the package anymore as I would be in NYC shortly. Part of doing business in an increasingly global community is sending documents to another country. Yes, there are still times that originals are required. If you need to send documents or a package to another country, especially the Philippines, quick and fast, Johnny Air is one of the best options to do so.

Please note that these rates are for mailing non-electronic material. Johnny Air is more popular though for shipping boxes "balikbayan boxes containing gifts by way of ocean carriers to the Philippines. Part of Philippine culture is demonstrating affection by sending gifts and these boxes travel for about 30 days, eagerly awaited and opened to oohs and aahhs of loved ones. And, don't for one moment think anyone will listen to you as you point out that for adherents of pragmatism, it makes more sense to send the money as they can purchase all those items in Manila anyway.

If I can give zero stars, thats what I will do. Their price is ok but I guess you shouldn't expect something great for something cheap. I have another box to send and I am seriously considering taking all the contents of my almost-full box and moving it to another box via another company even though they will be more expensive.

They are a terrible and unprofessional company. Pls do business elsewhere. I would like to see Johnny Air Cargo lose business.. There are several bad reviews right now, not just mine. I think all of this speaks for itself. Today, May 22, the box has not arrived yet. There are no words to express my disappointment and frustration of this incident.

There very unprofessional making promises to me week after week. Johnny Air delivery of balikbayan box takes very long,,, The employees do not have a 'professional' attitude toward customers This is the second time I am being told that they won't be able to make a home pick up at our house in Brooklyn.

I even had to call them to find out why they didn't show up. This is too unprofessional. We were making our transactions through the Queens Office. Why did I not listen to earlier reviews. If you can send Balikbayan Boxes elsewhere please do.. Been using Johnny air for years! They're great especially with the express mail.

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