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Shreveport, LA Although a well recognized icon in Shreveport, I did not start eating Johnny's pizza until much later.

Shreveport, LA Although a well recognized icon in Shreveport, I did not start eating Johnny's pizza until much later. I think it had something to do with how the square slices turned me off. Now, I rather like that. Seriously though, Johnny's has a tasty crust that is nice and crispy. The key is that you need to order and pick up or eat on location.

Delivery and buffet somehow are not the same. Somehow the buffet pizza seems different. As for delivery, the pizza just doesn't retain the crispness by the time it arrives your door. So stick with the rule: A real winner is the sweep the floor pizza. I know, it might not sound appetizing but it is good. The reason why this place doesn't get a 5 is cleanliness.

I'm not expecting much out of a pizza joint, but still, the upkeep makes me want to carry-out rather than eat in any day. Summary, thumbs up and follow the rules for a good pizza. Oh, and don't fear the square cuts. Called in our order on way to Bible Study class. Told it would be thirty minutes for small, Sweep the Kitchen and large order of cinnamon sticks. Ran an errand , about twenty minutes, then went in to check on progress.

Two folks ahead waiting. Finally someone asked about my order. He checked oven, reassured me it was in the oven. Folks came, folks left. I was asked again. Girl came to counter with a small pizza and began to give me change.

I explained I had not yet paid. Asked again what I ordered. One of the guys apologized, threw cinnamon sticks together and shoved them in oven. This past Saturday night, with no LSU on the tube and nothing else to occupy the brain at that moment, the Johnny's craving hit hard and fast.

So, the wife and I agreed to give in, and so I ordered online. I left the house and got to Johnny's a little early. They were busy, it being a Saturday night and all, so i sat and watched all of the goings-on.

I watched the workers behind the counter and I noticed this one guy working on the pizzas. He had very long hair-extensions or dreads whatever they are, in a two-tone coloring it appeared, orange and black for Halloween, maybe?

And I thought to myself, with all that hair and working directly over the food like he was, gee I'm surprised none of that hair ever gets in the pizzas and really, shouldn't he be wearing some sort of hair net? I go into more restaurants these days and I see pimple-faced kids with these long-greasy-cheesey ponytails wearing a baseball cap as if this is sufficient now working on my food. Anyway, Bob Marley finishes with my pizza and all, and after about a ten, fifteen minute wait, I was out the door with my hot pizza.

I get home, start devouring the pizza. My wife says, "Babe? I don't know if this is a bug antennae, or part of a roach's leg? There, protruding from underneath the melted cheese and sauce, were two very long coarse, wiry hairs of two very different colors one black I said to my wife, "Babe, it's hair!

It's two different colors! The pizza was ok on the buffet, not much to it though as far as toppings. And it ends at 1: Every other buffet in the country closes at 2: If the only thing you guys work on at all, I would work on making the hours longer for the buffet.

We call this one

For gods sake, Gatti's had one all day long. I don't know what all the hype is about this place The pizza crust is rather thin and I would say it was a below average pizza. I prefer ny style pizza. Bought a Totino's last night that floored this place on its best day!

Worst pizza and service ever!!! As was evidenced in my first review, Johnny's Pizza was my favorite. Unfortunately, that is no longer true. I have ordered Johnny's in Haughton twice within the last 2 months or so and was disappointed both times. The first time, the pizza was almost burned and was overloaded with sauce. One of the reasons I always loved Johnny's is due to the fact that they didn't put too much sauceno longer the case.

The second time I ordered, it was the same, too much sauce and overcooked. Sad to say that Johnny's is way down the list of places from which I would order to go. I'm only giving 2 stars because the delivery guy was very friendly and punctual. Anytime we order from a new pizza place we stick with a basic pepperoni. One would think that you couldn't go wrong with a simple pepperoni pizza. One would be wrong. It was way too greasy and delivered cold.

I found this surprising considering I am 2 streets away. We also ordered the cinnamon kings cake sticks. A little too salty and also delivered cold. I used to like this place. Pizza and service is better on site. When delivered, it is usually barely warm and the crust has turned mushy.

Last week, I ordered a delivery pizza at 5: I called and got the expected promise it would be here soon. Upon calling, the manager said it had left their store at 6: I thought he left at 6: Wonder if it could possibly be warm after sitting in a car so long??

I told her to forget it and refund my credit card. Ended up at Pizza Hut after my 3 hour wait on Johnny's. I suggest the Maui Wowie and the Chicken Ranchero.

I ordered 2 pizza's on line and went to pick them up the time posted on the site. When I got there they were busy and my pizza's weren't ready i understood. The lady behind the counter told me be about 10 min.

I waited 30 min. So WOW she asked the manager wat to do he told her refund my money. I didnt want my money back I wanted pizza's for my family. So i had to wait again. No discount no cheese stcks no soda no sorry for wasting ur time nothing but waiting. If my kids weren't ur biggest fans I would never step foot back into ur stores again. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews.

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