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The One Thing I Wish Everyone Knew Before Starting a Farm Business

Iowa farmers supply huge quantities of corn and pork to China. So agriculture remains an important business here in the U.

Iowa farmers supply huge quantities of corn and pork to China. So agriculture remains an important business here in the U. If you have a city or suburban home, you can still plant some crops in small or vertical containers to get the most out of your space.

29 Dec Agriculture remains an important business in the U.S.,...

Herb Growing Herbs like basil, parsley and mint can make for great agriculture products. So you can grow it at your home or farm and sell it. Vegetable Farming You can also plant a variety of different vegetables and harvest them to sell or make into different products. Fruit Growing Or you could grow and harvest various types of fruit to sell or make into other fruit based products.

Field Crop Farming Soybeans, cloves and other types of crops require a fair amount of field space to grow. But if you have the land, you can harvest specific crops to sell to food producers. Nursery Operation You can also start your own nursery where you grow and sell different types of plants to consumers or businesses.

Dairy Farming If you have the space and the ability to care for cows or other dairy animals, you could start your own dairy farms where you produce milk, cheese and similar products. Poultry Farming Or you could focus on caring for chickens and other poultry animals to supply food production companies. Fish Farming Fish farming is also a growing sector of the agriculture — or in this case, aquaculture — industry.

The process requires raising fish in large tanks or enclosures. Rabbit Raising You can also raise rabbits for a variety of different purposes within small pens or similar enclosures. It might sound strange, but you can raise snails for use in escargot. And snail slime can also be used by companies for a variety of different purposes. Mushroom Farming You could also start a farm where you focus specifically on growing various types of mushrooms.

Beekeeping Beekeeping is an activity that can lead to a variety of different product-based business ventures. Honey Production For example, you can harvest honey from beehives and sell it to consumers or processors.

Beeswax Processing You can also collect and process beeswax and sell it to companies or individuals that use it to make candles and similar products. Soy Production Soy is another popular substance that can be used in a variety of different products. So if you can harvest and process it, you can sell it to companies for various uses. Food Delivery If you grow or process food items, you can also build a business around delivering fresh food items to local consumers who want to buy local products.

Bulk Foodstuff Wholesaling You could also harvest food that can be sold in bulk, like rice or corn product, that you can sell wholesale to food production companies. Weed Killer Production Or you could start a B2B business that produces weed killer specifically for farmers or other agricultural businesses. Fruit Canning If you grow or process fruit, you can can it to sell to consumers or food companies.

Jam Production Or you could process various fruits even further to make into canned jam or jelly products. Meat Packing You can also start a business that processes meat products to sell to consumers or grocery markets. Hatchery Operation Or you could focus on collecting and selling chicken eggs. Florist Business You could even start a florist business where you grow your own flowers to use in different products and arrangements.

Spice Production There are also plenty of different plants you can grow that will allow you to create various spices that you can process and sell. Nut Processing Or you could grow peanuts or similar products that you can package and sell. Organic Gardening You could also specialize in organic gardening practices so you can market your products to health and eco-conscious consumers.

Sustainable Farm Consulting Or you could even offer your expertise to other farmers or agriculture businesses that want to utilize sustainable methods as a consultant. Agricultural Equipment Rental If you have the capital to purchase farming or agriculture equipment, you could start a business where you rent or lease that equipment out to farmers.

Worm Farming Compost can be a useful tool for food growers. So you can make compost to sell to farmers and gardeners by starting your own worm farm. So you could start your own business where you care for goats and then rent them out for that purpose.

Christmas Tree Farming You could also grow pine trees on your property and then sell them to nearby customers around the holidays to use as Christmas trees. Firewood Production Or if you have other types of trees on your land, you could use sell the firewood to those who need it. Creating a long term sustainable business would depend on expanding the amount of land on which you can harvest trees and also systematic replenishment through continuous replanting.

Tree Seed Supply You could also harvest seeds from different trees and sell them to people who want to plant new ones.

Oil Production There are also various types of plants that you can use to produce oil for cooking or other purposes. So you can process that oil process to sell. Potted Plant Sales Or you could grow different types of plants and then sell them in pots to gardeners or consumers looking for houseplants. Butterfly Farming Gardeners can often use butterflies to aid in their growing processes and aesthetics. So you could start your own butterfly colony and target gardening customers.

Wool Production Or you could focus on raising animals like sheep and alpaca for wool production. Pet Food Production You could also use a variety of different crops and food products to create pet food that you can sell to consumers. Corn Maze Operation If you have corn plots on your property, you can create a corn maze that you can charge people to visit throughout part of the year.

Petting Zoo Operation You could also raise certain animals and then welcome visitors to your farm as part of a petting zoo attraction. Educational Farming Or you could have a farm where you welcome student groups or those interested in learning more about farming. Trail Ride Service If you have a tractor or other vehicle that you can drive around to different parts of your farm or property, you can offer trail rides as another paid attraction.

Agrotourism You could also offer a whole tourist experience at your farm where people can come visit and maybe even stay as part of a bed and breakfast type of experience. Fee Hunting And if you have land that is large enough and has certain types of animals on it, you could even let people pay to visit for hunting purposes.

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States yet to kick off pilot projects of oilseed purchases by private players 18 October Kharif harvesting has started across the country, but state governments are yet to kick off the pilot projects of oilseed procurement by private players. Nafed to offload tonnes of onion daily in Delhi to check prices 17 October Cooperative Nafed will offload tonnes of onion daily from Monday onwards in the national capital from the government's buffer stock in a bid to arrest price rise, its managing director Sanjeev K Chadha said.

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