Early Byzantine Art

Early Byzantine Art: 6th Century Constantinople

Tower resembles a snail shell and included a wide interior ramp similar to one in LA Museum of Tolerance.

Tower resembles a snail shell and included a wide interior ramp similar to one in LA Museum of Tolerance. Shapes are curved and organic with lower horizontal band and above a cantivered balcony area b Hannah Wilkes juxtaposes commercial glamour imagery and feminist commentary. The "stars" are molded chewing gum attached to the body. Wilkes, like Cindy Sherman, is the artist and the model in the work.

Wilkes has associated the "scars" as a reference to the Holocaust but she also calls attention to the manipulation of media and its concepts of feminine beauty. Hitler called the movement "Degenerative Art" Heavy use of paint impasto. Colour, shape and line are used to reflect dark and sometimes turbulent emotions. Heavy paint effect may be enhanced by use of other media sand, china, pottery shards, etc. No attempt is made to represent or symbolize any other object or experience.

It is sometimes called ABC art, minimal art, reductivism, and rejective art.

It challenged traditional art such as painting and sculpting by presenting imagery of popular culture. Jasper Johns mainly does Pop Art and presents his iconography as a paradox or irony and also emphasizes his surfaces in a painterly manner.

The medium is encaustic, oil, and collage on fabric mounted on 3 panels of plywood. The painting only has 48 stars because Alaska and Hawaii were yet to be added to the United States and according to Johns, his idea of painting the flag came to him in a dream.

He confuses the viewers by creating a very balloon like metal figure that leads many to believe it is light. However, it is very heavy. With the clean metal, it has a very aesthetically pleasing quality. It challenges what art is as it can visually change as light is reflected off of it.

It is about half of the size of a human, and remains to be an icon of postmodern art. Some believe that it's reflective quality leads the viewer to being aware of their surroundings and looking at the other artworks. It is important to know they are not real bottles. The medium is acrylic, screen-print and graphite pencil on canvas and the work depicts numerous Coke bottles stacked up on each other.

Pop Art celebrates the common thing that man is exposed to everyday and turns it into vibrant pictures. This work has numerous Coca-Cola bottles, and while they may all appear the same, there are subtle differences in each bottle, and this may show that no-one receives a different Coke that is better or worse than someone else. The subtle breaks in color may also act as propaganda against the Coca-Cola Company, as red for power and dark green for money. Eva Hesse was a sculptor who explored three-dimensional forms and exemplified her fascination with the absurdities in life through her work.

The medium is acrylic on cloth over wood and acrylic on cord over steel tube. The cord extends away from the frame to contrast its two dimensional appearance and make excellent use of space. Most color-field paintings are large-- meant to be seen up close so that the viewer is immersed in a color environment. It shows the changes in African-American life after the Civil War and also reflects the diversity of ethnicity within the family both Native American and Hispanic.

The story of each figure is next to a quilted image of the figure. The title refers to Aunt Jemima, a stereotypical African-American female figure. She does not appear in the quilt because she is a mythical image rather than a actual figure in American culture. This sculpture was based off of experiences she had and she used wood as a medium because she experimented with mixed media often and used different pieces to join them together as one object. The subject matter might reflect who she was as a person, as the different pieces of rough and pieced-together wood with different origins and textures brought out her character and what her experiences shaped her out to be.

Wodiczko always wanted the image he projected to have some sort of purpose for being projected on a certain building. Artistic impact is based in part on the interaction between work and viewer, not artwork and artist.

Artwork generated by computer programs. Language used as commentary Multi-media large scale installations located in public places largely museums n Organic form architecture inspired by work of Frank Lloyd Wright with sweeping curvilinear rooflines possibly resembling wings in flight. Constructed of concrete and glass. Saarinen wanted his building to convey motion o Artists use natural formation to create a combination of ecological architecture and sculpture.

Works are large-scale with full exposure seen best from an aerial view. Materials are dependent on the area where the artwork is formed. Some artworks are temporary because of the nature of their medium. She uses lighting, framing, and composition to help define the character type she resembles.

Sherman looks like characters from movies from the s and s, B-grade films, or arthouse films; however, she is not a specific character. The relation to movies appears in the use of 8x10 stills used to advertise films. The image comes from a series that reflect different ideas of feminism seen in pop culture.

Leaving her studio, she went about in different costumes with her camera and spontaneously photographed herself. This work exemplifies Serra's style of exploring the interaction of the artwork, the viewer, and the site surrounding the artwork.

Serra created site-specific sculptures such as Tilted Arc in multiple locations, but Tilted Arc created a controversy with location, leading to its destruction in after a court decision, and it was used for scrap metal. Tilted Arc was to Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial, which reflects a more polished effect, creating a different public response, while Serra rejected slickness.

It was a part of the Silueta series through which she joins culture and spirituality as well as feminist values typical of the Femmage movement.

It represents her connection with the earth. They are made from resin and burlap. Abakanowicz is a fan of Fabric based Expressionism and used this sculptural medium in many of her other works as she demonstrates the strength of human spirit and their individuality.

Man Pointing is a lone creature who simultaneously dominates his surrounding space and is isolated within it. Giacometti experimented with surrealism, but following the war he, along with most of the world, struggled to find meaning in his works and conveyed this anxiety through Existentialist sculptures such as this one.

One one side, a man approaches from a long distance in slow motion. He finally stops and stands still. A small flame appears at his feet and quickly spreads to consume his entire body. At the same time on the other side, the man approaches, stops, and a trickle of water begins pouring down on his head from above. It soon becomes a raging torrent that completely inundates his body.

/ N.C. Her breath began to speak N.C. As she stood right in front of me N.C. The colour of her eyes N.C. Read more...

When all finally subsides, he has completely disappeared — small flickering flames on a burnt floor and a few lingering drops of water falling from above are all that remain.

SFMOMA w Styles and media are all different but every feminist artists is using art and what were called the domestic arts quilting, place settings, sewing, etc. Many challenged his paintings because of his simple zips lines that go from one end of the canvas to the other painted against a simple background.

His ideas were not reflected in the painting, but instead, he wanted the viewer to submerge their mind into the painting and let them feel the multiple zips on the red background without being distracted. There is space in the composition created by the zips against the red background, but otherwise a very flat composition with small dimension. His structure uses organic soaring shapes, incorporates the environment into the composition Sydney Harbor z Calder is the foremost mobile sculptor of the 20th century.

His work ranges from small abstract to massive works located in public spaces. Calder uses modern lightweight materials; his forms are often organic. Although the compositions may be asymetrical, the weighting of the works allows them to be in balance aa Jean Tinguely was asked in to produce a work to be performed in the Sculpture Garden of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In the end, the public browsed the remnants of the machine for souvenirs to take home. This hommage to the energy of a city that keeps rebuilding itself time after time is a wonderful example of the different and sometimes conflicting conceptions of artists and engineers on how machines should work Media Art Net ab Post modern building in "Miesian" style named after Mies van der Rohe.

Includes a scrolled roofline and patterned fenestration. Post-modern architecture is a response to the stark, rigid , "bleak" structures of the modernist era. Post-modern buildings have distinctive character based on the architecture elements chosen for the composition and the facade and buildings move away from the glass tower aesthetic of the International Style ac "Post-Painterly Abstraction developed out of Abstract Expressionism and exhibits a cool, detached rationality with an emphasis on pictorial control.

The hand of the artist is conspicuously absent in Post-Painterly Abstraction. There is a purity of line that is so linear it is difficult to see that painter's brushwork. Artists may work form photographs. Works are clean and stripped of action intense still world.

Subjects and inspiration came from American magazine photography rather than European art. The process may be Freudian and, like Surrealist processes of automatic writing or frottage, the artist is not always consciously aware of the forms created.

The shapes are organic ovid with a polished draped veneer reminiscent of Bernini's work. Although the forms may evoke male and female imagery, the artist herself was never definitive about a singular interpretation of her forms even if the viewer reads certain interpretations into the work. A slender multi-level shaft building with emphasis on the vertical. The painting consists of flat areas of a reddish color and a darker color. These layers of color give a calm, contemplative atmosphere.

Rothko wanted to escape the political climate with his paintings. The abstract, atmospheric quality gives a sense of universality. Rothenberg's works are abstract and neo-expressionist. Imagery is unclear or distorted and the surface of the work is heavily textured suggesting action and agitation.

Abstract Expressionist paintings are usually abstract and express the artist's state of mind. Some Abstract Expressionists adopted Surrealist improvisation methods and created works that had a look of rough spontaneity and exhibited a refreshing energy. Abstract Expressionism developed along two lines: The images in the painting were based on a publicity photograph of the actress, which was taken to publicize the film 'Niagara', in which Marilyn starred.

The diptych, of acrylic on canvas, consists of 50 images of Marilyn Monroe's face. The flat square framing is reminiscent of Byzantine icons The coloured set of images is meant to be articifical as this is not a portrait of a person but of a persona.

The bottom of the painting is intentionally left as blank space.

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