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June Carter Cash also appears in a strong performance as the woman of faith, a role that mirrored her own deep beliefs. Cash brought a dignity and realism to this character that was very refreshing.

The real Johnny Cash appeared as himself in dozens of movies and TV shows, and his music has appeared in every kind of film — from western to comedy, drama to horror. But Cash only ventured into acting a handful of times, and while his is certainly a mixed legacy it's also worth a look. Cash first acted onscreen in the cult thriller, "Five Minutes to Live," a. In the film, he teams up with a con man named Fred Vic Tayback to kidnap a bank president's wife.

Cash is competent, if campy, and has some swell lines like, "This suburb life ain't for me. What kind of service charge is there on something like that? Despite a powerful presence, Cash never quite mustered the acting chops necessary to really fill the big screen and was, paradoxically, far better suited to acting for television.

In , he played Johnny Laredo in a western pilot called "Night Rider" not to be confused with Hasselhoff's talking-car opus. Probably encouraged by her on-set support, Johnny would subsequently bring June along for the ride many more times. More TV movies followed, including "The Pride of Jesse Hallam" , starring Cash as an illiterate Kentucky miner who has to learn to read when he moves to the sprawling metropolis of, uh, Cincinnati.

In 's "Murder in Coweta County," Cash is a sheriff who brings to justice an amoral killer played by none other than Andy Griffith.

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In the wake of Kenny Rogers' enormous success with "The Gambler," "The Baron and the Kid" found Cash playing a pool hustler who reunites with his long-lost son. In the late '80s, Cash returned to TV-movie westerns. Tommy drinks, cheats on his wife, Edna Hollywood powerhouse Ida Lupino , and longs to play more secular arenas. He drugs Edna and his mistress a young backup singer during a small-craft plane flight, then parachutes to safety as it crashes, killing the women and seemingly solving his problems.

As always, the disheveled, titular L. As Brown, Cash gets to draw on the gamut of his experiences — saint and sinner, idol and adulterer, a man truly steeped in black. It's a total hoot and, arguably, stands as Johnny Cash's finest moment as an actor.

In a episode of "The Little House on the Prairie," Cash plays Caleb Hodgekiss, a man who assumes the guise of a reverend in order to raise money and supplies in Walnut Grove, ostensibly to help the victims of a fire in a neighboring town.

In fact, Caleb plans on keeping the booty for himself and his wife Mattie June again , but all those hearts o' gold teach him the error of his ways.

One of Cash's final acting roles was in the form of a short but sweet voiceover. In a classic episode of "The Simpsons" — "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer," Homer has a hallucinatory experience after eating "Guatemalan insanity peppers" "grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum," according to Chief Wiggum and is visited by a coyote spirit guide, voiced by Cash.

The coyote, when not chewing on Homer's pant leg, instructs him to seek his true soul mate, intimating that it might not be Marge. It's a tiny part, but hearing that aged, distinctive baritone emanating from a mystical beast summoned by delirium and psychotropic enzymes seems somehow fitting.

Also in the late '90s, Cash had a recurring role as Kid Cole on "Dr. Maybe his instrument, his unique voice, was only genuinely suited to telling stories through music. In that role, Johnny Cash was as riveting a performer as anyone who's ever lived.

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