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NCT Members Revealed Their Real Weight... It's Almost Impossible to Believe Them

Vacationed in Korea and practiced in SM since Is bilingual in both Korean and English.

He excels at rapping. He is now 21 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He always wanted to be a performer.

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He made it through to become one of SM trainees, then he moved to South Korea. It is not sure if he came to South Korea alone, or with his family, he is always energized although the trainee life is so difficult for someone to carry on.

He introduces himself as a cool guy. And he continues that he always thinks positive and optimistically. He likes to joke around, and he likes to make people happy. He wants his fans to see what he does, he tries to do, and he tries his best to accomplish his goals.

He says he wants to live his life doing his best. Other SM trainees say he is a funny, kind and cool guy. Family He has never mentioned about his family, but his family seems to live in the United States.

Other than rapping, he dances, and he also plays the piano well. They show us many songs including their new songs. Besides their songs, some events that SMRookies and their fans can enjoy together. It is very rare that trainees sell tickets and perform in front of the audience at the theatre prior to their formal debut. Therefore SMRookies attract the attention of not only their big fans but also people in the entertainment industry. Besides regularly-scheduled performances, he and other SM trainees appears in a few variety shows actively.

Like Yuta, his fans are assuming that Johnny, too, is one of the expected trainee who is to make a debut as a member of NCT in Girlfriend There is no rumor about his romance.

Though he posted some past pictures of him and his friends, he did not post those of him and his girlfriend alone. I am not sure if he used to have a girlfriend when he was in the United States, however, he does not seem to have his steady now. He must be too busy to have time for himself.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: cm (6'0″) Weight: 68 kg (...

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He made up his mind to start his career of a performer when he was in his middle teens.

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