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They wanted to base comics on King Kong as well.

They wanted to base comics on King Kong as well. There were plans on doing a comic adaptation of the film , as well as pitting King Kong against the Aliens , the Predators and even the Rocketeer in a story written by Dave Stevens.

But the problems over the complicated and muddled rights to the King Kong character killed these plans. The rights were a horrible mess. Dark Horse couldn't find a way to do it.

Someone held rights for the music, someone for the movie, someone for the story, and were ready to sue each other whenever anyone wanted to do anything with it. The most Dark Horse was able to do was feature King Kong in a one-page segment in the one shot comic Urban Legends published in that dispels the dual ending myth from the film King Kong vs Godzilla.

This included King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World a direct comic book adaptation of the remake. This adaptation was planned to be a three issue mini-series. The 8th Wonder of the World that was shipped with the various toys from the Playmates toy line based on the film.

They also were able to strike a deal with Joe DeVito a year earlier, to publish an illustrated novel in both hardcover and softcover editions with differing cover art called Kong: King of Skull Island. By Markosia Comics Kong: A large-paperback edition was released in In , it was released as an e-book for iPad. The novel's story ignores the existence of The Son of Kong and continues the story of Skull Island with Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll in the late s, through the novel's central character, Vincent Denham, Carl Denham's son Ann Darrow does not appear, but is mentioned several times.

The novel also becomes a prequel that reveals the story of the early history of Kong, of Skull Island, and of the natives of the island. On the novel's official website; it has stated that it would become a major motion picture. It does not have a release date yet.

A six-issue comic adaptation of the novel was published by Markosia in that was eventually collected as a trade paperback. They are clearly evolved dromaeosaurs with an intelligence that easily surpasses that of the Venatosaurus. They are intelligent and crafty enough to create complex traps and plan strategies long beforehand. Gaw was originally the beast that the Skull Islanders appeased with human sacrifices instead of Kong. She is a monstrous raptor-like theropod with some dragon-like features in her face and a flat, almost Godzilla's-like snout.

One day, she went on a rampage and killed Kong's parents in a brutal fight, leaving him the last of his kind; the two titans grew up with a bitter hatred until Kong killed Gaw in battle and he was then crowned "king" of the island, leading to the sacrifices to him currently. Studios From July through December , Boom! Studios published a 6 issue series called Kong of Skull Island.

It was announced after the second issue that the series will be extended, ultimately running 12 issues. In February , Boom began reprinting the series as a three volume trade paperback.

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In October , Boom published a one shot comic titled Kong: Gods of Skull Island. The story features Vikings landing on Skull Island. Skull Island , called Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. Kong's parents were the strongest and the last two of his race to survive, and during the final battle with the Skullcrawlers, Kong was born in the melee and sealed inside a cave to protect him by his mother.

His parents died in the battle, leaving Kong an orphan and the last of his kind shortly after he was born. From Blue Devil No. He would return to watch the film again in 3. For DC, he appeared via a poster in 's Adventure Comics In that comic's back-up strip called Tales of the Bizarro World, Bizarro encounters Titano on Earth's prehistoric past.

When he returns to his home world , he is inspired to make a TV series based on the character only to be accused of ripping off King Kong. Robot encounters a giant female ape referred to as "Mrs. King Kong" on Dinosaur Island who saves him and his allies from a Tyrannosaurus.

In , an adaptation of the original film was published in Spain in the magazine Bowling by Josep Alloza. That same year an adaptation appeared in issues of Rin-tin-tin by Marco Publishing by Casals and Arlet.

This book was published by Shogakukan. However, this King Kong was just a regular-sized gorilla.

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