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Gwalla Mo Mall & Mike - 5 Niggas 5 Stindos (NORTH CHARLESTON, SC)

United States Just when I think they couldn't possibly be in business anymore, I go and find new stores doing okay at this location.

United States Just when I think they couldn't possibly be in business anymore, I go and find new stores doing okay at this location. But I'm really writing this review to give people an update This store should hopefully help this mall stay in business. However, I still stay clear of this area on Fri and Sat nights. I advise to do the same.

The mall itself is a little dated. The food court is average size. I try to avoid the restrooms because they tend to be smelly and dirty. I wish Charleston offered better malls with more options. Not one to disparage a business nor series of businesses by look nor shape, Northwoods Mall offers little in the way of aesthetic pleasures.

Once inside, the sky lighting offered a whole new take for me, one of a clean and modern shopping facility that has multiple areas for young children to enjoy rides, treats and sweets.

Most all of the shops inside offer fashionable middle of the line goods that would have wide appeal. Each shelved book and each hung garment are impeccably displayed with plenty of staff anxiously awaiting the inflows of customers. Clean comfortable benches, spotless restrooms and spacious walking areas all impressed me as I found nothing to point the dirty end of the stick at. Been to Northwoods Mall a million times over the years. Some stores are better than others, some areas are cleaner than others.

It is this mall's saving grace! Northwoods Mall isn't all that bad. I mean it is missing some of the nicer stores and it's pretty much dead ever time I go there.

But they do offer a lot of options as far as stores and shop. For example get a workout in at Planet Fitness, visit Airbrush Art for am airbrushed shirt or vanity plate, grab a bit in the food court at one of the many fine restaurants like DQ or American Deli, maybe get some new duds at American Eagle or Express, get that annoying coworker a gag gift at Spencer's, or get those laps in with the morning speed walkers.

No matter what you are into you can find something at the Northwoods Mall. This place has really gone downhill over the years. It seems like every time I visit, there's less and less reason to come back. The anchor stores aren't as good as ones in bigger markets, and now I heard that a Burlington is replacing the Sears. It irritates me just going to this mall really any mall in the area because they suck.

The JC Penny and the dillards are the only stores worth visiting, but who goes to a mall just for two stores. When you walk through, there are so many vacant retail spaces. North Charleston needs something better. If I could give this mall a no star I would. Many weeks ago the management at the mall took away the 9 tables that were by Gloria Jeans coffee place. We have a group of any where from 6 to 12 senior citizens who meet in the mall we walk and then visit and have coffee.

After 25 years they took the tables away they left 4 tables 2 chairs each.

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College kids would come in at night have coffee and study they now have no place to do it. Also were are seeing more cockroaches laying around the there were ants by the door coming in this morning. The cleaning crew doesn't do a very good job your shoes could stick to the floor in the food court.

The must is so loud you have a hard time hearing the person next to you. Just a poor, dying mall- unfortunately. It's always empty, dirty and just sad. The stores are constantly changing out.

They have the few that are open always due to popularity VS, American Eagle, Department Stores, etc but all of the stores in between are always changing.

They can't stay open. There are pushy vendors and rude mall staff the actual mall staff- customer service, custodians, security.

It is an unpleasant experience. I try to avoid it unless I absolutely need to go there. The loved the building spaciousness and ambience , convenience of parking, availability of major brand stores. Charleston is lacking all-around in malls, but I like the Northwoods Mall. The mall is entirely indoors, which is good on cold days, hot and humid days, or when you don't want to hear planes flying overhead ;. I'm always able to find a place to park at Northwoods Mall, and while the food court is a bit lacking, there are some nice dining options just outside the mall.

There's also a Chic-Fil-A located away from the food court, where it's a little quieter and with seating. I always grab a Gloria Jean's coffee when I'm here as well, since I like it more than other coffee chains and it's the only Gloria Jean's in the area. If you're visiting Charleston, this mall is far from a shopping destination or tourist attraction, and you'll find larger malls with nicer stores in other cities. However, if you're local and need something, you can find it at this mall and get in and out fairly quickly.

Pretty good indoor play area for preschoolers. It's near the food court. The restrooms need updating and I shouldn't have to kill my own bugs. I think they need more stores but from the website, they'll be adding more this year Clean and spacious mall.

They even have a nail salon inside of it that entertains walk ins. One of the biggest challenge of this mall is the traffic and inconsistent patterns of parking. This is a high volume living area in North Charleston which translates to high car traffic in the mall driving and parking area. The lots are not consistent all the way around and some parks of the mall have limited parking. This is one of the biggest warnings we can provide to consumers coming in. The mall itself offers everything in retail you would expect.

Plus it has King Street Grille which is a hot spot for sports bar watching. The open areas are spacious, but you may get harassed by kiosk workers. The mall has one of the biggest options for major department stores. You can meet all your clothing needs in one visit and get some exercise along the way.

This store has a lot of variety, but does not have ideal service, except for an older lady who took care of a couple of broken items I pointed out to her that were just left sitting on the shelves. I guess the glass had been previously cleaned up from the broken mug. However, apparently, for some other employee to continue the jobbie of throwing the mug away, with it's broken handle, was a bit too much to ask for. Let's start with the posted store hours They close at Too bad the girl working there doesn't know that!

Today is Wednesday and they've been open for two weeks now but at 9: Knowing better, we continued to shop. Then, as we went through checkout, the girl didn't know that she needed to wrap the fragile items.

The other cashier, next to her, said that she didn't even know that there was wrapping paper. Again, the store has been open for two whole weeks but I guess they couldn't manage training in that bit of time. I guess common horse sense has to be learned the hard way too but, unfortunately, no one is learning that either. I had to ask her to wrap my fragile items because she didn't have a clue! She was about to put a glass plate straight into the shopping bag! I had to point outevery single time--the items that needed to be wrapped that were breakable or she would ask me if I wanted it wrapped!!

I think a ceramic cup qualifies for being wrapped I really would like a cup to make it home without a smashed handle, if that's OK. She even asked if she could add items to the bag that contained a medium-sized canvas print!!

I had to tell her that you don't do that because it would damage it; that it is something that goes by itself As if having to explain obvious things to someone wasn't ENOUGH fun for us, we had to find out that we can't take the carts out to the parking lot! The sign also said that their staff would help us. Neither of the two cashiers, that opened the doors for him, bothered to ask either of us if we needed help carrying out our bags. When I said to yet another cashier, who was stocking nearby, "You guys aren't even closed yet and your doors are closed?

Clearly, management didn't bother training these people very well, except to run the registers and to stock. Customer service is mostly an unknown quality there. They don't know what time they're working until, they don't know what time the store closes, they don't know that there's wrapping paper for fragile items, they don't know to wrap said fragile items, they don't know how to help anybody, they don't know how to talk, and they seemingly don't know much of anything!

Exactly what the hell is management doing with their time??? I'd love to know because this was pathetic. It was some of the worst service I've ever gotten in a store. No one cared about much of anything. No one could think on their own.

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Northwoods Mall, located in North Charleston, SC, features Belk, Dillard's,...

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