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History —

History — They began discussing their girlfriends, only to realize they were dating the same woman. However, instead of letting this come between them, they developed a bond and formed a band after they each subsequently broke it off with the girl. Weiland presented a different version of meeting Robert in his autobiography , stating that Weiland and his friends—guitarist Corey Hicock and drummer David Allin—pursued Robert after witnessing him play live with him sitting in during sets at various gigs with their band Soi Disant.

However, after a few years Allin went his separate way pursuing other interests. The remaining members witnessed drummer Eric Kretz play in a Long Beach club and convinced him to join the band. Guitarist Hicock eventually left the band in ; in need of a replacement and auditioning many guitarists, Robert suggested his older brother, Dean.

At the time, Dean was a successful businessman who had left behind his previous career as a musician, but still played guitar as a hobby. Dean reportedly refused to continue playing in a band called "Swing," and shortly afterwards the band became Mighty Joe Young.

The band recorded a demo tape that was completed around The Mighty Joe Young demo features tracks that would go on to be re-recorded for the band's first studio album , as well as some musical styles that would not be featured on any of STP's studio albums, such as funk and yodeling. The group then began to work on their debut album with Brendan O'Brien.

During the recording, they received a call from their lawyer who informed them that there was a bluesman who had already claimed the name Mighty Joe Young. They eventually settled on the name "Stone Temple Pilots. Their first album, Core , was released on September 29, , and peaked at No. They toured for four weeks, opening for bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Megadeth.

Completed in less than a month, Purple debuted at number one in the United States upon its release on June 7, The radio-friendly " Interstate Love Song " quickly became a big hit, spending a record-setting fifteen weeks atop the album rock tracks chart. Other hits from the album included " Vasoline " and "Big Empty" the latter also being featured on the soundtrack to the film The Crow.

By October, just four months after its release, Purple had sold three million copies. In October , the band regrouped to begin recording its third album, renting out a mansion in Santa Barbara, California for the band to live together during the recording process. Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop , on March 5, They expressed surprise, however, at "the clattering, upbeat character of the music" given Weiland's much-publicized run-ins with drugs and the law. Stone Temple Pilots were also featured on the cover of issue No.

A short tour in the fall of ensued in the U. The band then decided to take a break to work on other projects. Talk Show released one eponymous album in before dissolving. Meanwhile, pursuing his own musical interests, Weiland released his first solo album, 12 Bar Blues , in Although both albums received moderate critical praise, neither was commercially successful. In late , the band regrouped and began work on a fourth Stone Temple Pilots album. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic compared the album's sound to contemporary alternative metal bands and wrote in his review "it's as if STP decided to compete directly with the new generation of alt-metal bands who prize aggression over hooks or riffs.

During the summer of , the band released its fifth album, Shangri-La Dee Da , which produced one modest rock radio hit in " Days of the Week. At that point, marketing support from their label was reportedly minimal, and the band decided to put a hold on any future albums. However, the band recorded " All in the Suit That You Wear ," a song intended to be the lead single on the soundtrack for the film Spider-Man.

However, Chad Kroeger 's song " Hero " was ultimately chosen as the lead single. Separation and members' other projects after reports of an altercation between Dean DeLeo and Weiland after the last show of Stone Temple Pilots' fall tour. The band released two albums, Contraband in and Libertad in before breaking up in The band released its self-titled in before going on "indefinite hiatus" in Eric Kretz kept a lower profile during this time, operating his own studio, Bomb Shelter Studios, and drumming for the band Spiralarms.

Reunion and self-titled album The band greets fans after its first show since at the Houdini Mansion on April 7, She invited the DeLeo brothers to play at a private beach party, which led to the reconciliation of Weiland and the DeLeo brothers. Weiland subsequently left Velvet Revolver in April and the following month, Stone Temple Pilots announced they were reuniting for a date North American tour.

The group officially reunited for a private gig at the Houdini Mansion and held their first public show on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The band's six-month reunion tour wrapped up on Halloween in Pelham, Alabama. After taking a short break to allow Scott to support his recently released second solo album , production for the band's sixth studio album began in mid The band also went on the road for a date North American summer tour in , taking place in-between the tours for Scott Weiland's second solo album.

Towards the end of , STP announced they were rescheduling several U. Following this, the band played successful shows in Australia, including sold out performances in Sydney and Melbourne. Split with Weiland and legal proceedings In December , Dean DeLeo told Rolling Stone, "what I'd like to see happen is the band go out and do more intimate shows—really lovely theaters around the country.

There's no fixes, so they'd sound incredible if we just master them. A box set and then a tour, of course. The performance was filmed at a sold-out show in March at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. Despite the band's claims that their fall tour would be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Core, this did not happen. According to Weiland's bandmates, they did not want to do the celebration because they believed that he no longer had the vocal range to perform some of the album's songs.

Weiland then decided to perform the latter songs that they did not want to play on a separate solo tour. The rest of the band decided to hide their anger and frustration towards his decision, causing Weiland to assume that they were all on the same page. On September 17, at a show in Abbotsford, British Columbia , STP arrived nearly two hours late, and cut their set 30 minutes short, angering many fans. Paul radio station 93X that he had heard rumors Weiland had been fired from Stone Temple Pilots, citing this as a possible reason for Weiland's eagerness to return to Velvet Revolver, something that he quickly dismissed.

Bennington had exclaimed years before in interviews that being in Stone Temple Pilots was his lifelong dream. They officially dropped "with Chester Bennington" from their name in March His death was ruled as suicide by hanging. Bennington's death, new singer Jeff Gutt and second self-titled album In February , Stone Temple Pilots launched an online audition for a new vocalist, stating, "If you think you have what it takes to front this band, record with this band, and tour with this band, we would dig hearing from you.

That same article, however, called Borja and X Factor season 3 runner-up Jeff Gutt "two rumored finalists. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

On July 26, , the band announced that a 25th anniversary edition of Core would be released on September 29, The reissue includes a 25th Anniversary box set, it includes a remastered version of the album, previously unreleased demos and b-sides, and parts of three live performances from Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater, Reading Festival , and MTV Unplugged. The LP, which is the band's second self-titled album , was released on March 16, The tour was a co-headlining tour with Bush and The Cult.

All of the band members were Kiss fans during their childhood, and played shows at the Roseland Ballroom in dressed in Kiss-style makeup. Early in their career, the band was considered to be a part of the grunge movement. Despite assertions by critics that their style in the early—mid s was derived from contemporary artists such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden , the band maintained that the similarities were coincidental, due in part to having the same musical idols growing up.

Much of the comparison was directed at Weiland's vocal style drawing similarities to that of Eddie Vedder 's. Weiland stated that his vocal style is influenced by Jim Morrison and David Bowie, who also served as his main fashion influence.

High Rise is the first studio EP by American rock...

Weiland has been called a chameleon due to his ability to change his vocal and fashion style. Although the band's early demo recordings displayed a funk rock sound, the band's first album Core was a straightforward display of grunge. After reconvening in the studio for their second album, Purple, the band's style developed, taking influence from psychedelic rock , country music , and jangle pop. The band continued to diverge into various genres and influences; for example, songs like "And So I Know" on Tiny Music Regarding the evolution of the band's sound, Weiland commented that "the transformation from Core to where we ended up before we took that time off, when I started with Velvet Revolver, was enormous.

His style changed with the band's evolution; much of the lyrics on Core were written about societal issues such as religion , abuse of power, and isolation.

The band's breakthrough single " Sex Type Thing " polarized critics with its lyrics, some interpreting it as advocacy of date rape. As Weiland began to deal with substance abuse, his lyrics became more personal and intricate; songs like "Interstate Love Song" deal with his addiction's tolls on his relationship with his then-wife, Janina.

The lyrics of the band's fourth album were written to provide closure to his marriage and addiction to heroin. Following the band's reunion in , Weiland once again evolved as a songwriter, explaining: I look at their storytelling I try to tell stories.

Every song doesn't have to be narcissistically written about how I feel on that day. The band has had 16 top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts, eight of which peaked at No.

In retrospect, MTV writer James Montgomery published an article questioning the validity of music critics opinions of the band during the 90s, saying, "All I'm suggesting is that perhaps it's time to admit that we were wrong about them from the get-go—that we treated them unfairly.

And not only was the knight up front freshly handsome to a fault, but he could sing too! As any supreme actor gives a real and different voice to each character played. It was STP's 3rd album that had got me hooked, a wizardly mix of glam and post-punk, and I confessed to Scott, as well as the band many times, how wrong I'd been in assessing their native brilliance.

And like Bowie can and does, it was Scott's phrasing that pushed his music into a unique, and hard to pin down, aesthetic sonicsphere. And that is if you asked me who I truly believed were the great voices of our generation, I'd say it were he, Layne , and Kurt.

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Stone Temple Pilots - High Rise (Full Album)
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Working on a new record with Chester was kind of a notion and it didn't really go too far before he said he could no longer do STP.

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