Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane (Acoustic Cover by Kevin Staudt)

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane - Cole Rolland (Guitar Cover)

Background The single moved rapidly up the charts in its first week of official release.

Background The single moved rapidly up the charts in its first week of official release. It debuted on the Billboard Hot at number 55 before reaching number 50 and spending 15 weeks on chart.

Rock, Modern Rock and Active Rock. This success propelled the song to number two on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and number four on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Alternative versions In total, the song has three different versions, the original version, the album version and the acoustic version, with the original being the only one that is not featured on Phobia. The original version was released with the single and was the track used for the video and radio airplay.

It maintains almost no difference from the album version, with an exception of the ending fading out on a lower note along with other minor differences. The album version is included on Phobia as the second track, it features the usual Breaking Benjamin sound of heavy percussion, down-tuned guitars, and the powering vocals of Benjamin Burnley , as well as the use of death growl vocals during two vocal passages. It is initially a re-recording of the original.

The song overall is notable for featuring a musical style closer to nu metal , as opposed to the band's overall alternative metal sound. The acoustic version is featured as a bonus track on the first pressing of Phobia. It features softer vocals by Burnley and harmonized softly by Sebastian Davin of Dropping Daylight as well as a shift of instruments: Orchestral string instruments such as a violin and cello are also used.

Music on June 21, , after originally being scheduled for release on June Jane wakes up suddenly in a bathtub, getting out and getting dressed.

However, her vanity mirror is gone, and only the frame remains. Jane runs around her house, with similar results wherever there should be a mirror. It also shows scenes of the band playing in a room filled with mirrors.

Alternative cover. iTunes cover.

She eventually stumbles across the same room where all the mirrors are, and she cannot see her reflection in any of them. The video ends with Benjamin Burnley the band's frontman placing a rose in a book atop her tombstone, explaining the story of the video: At the end of the video where Burnley closes the diary on Jane's tombstone, the last name was obscured. However, in the second episode of the band's podcast , the name can be clearly seen as "Bryan" during a shot of the tombstone.

A Breaking Benjamin Celtic knot can also be seen on the tombstone in a brief shot before he closes the diary. Jane Bryan was a female filmstar in the s and s.

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Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane


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