Basic Jazz Swing Arrangement Lesson

BIAB - 12. Swing Jazz Trumpet - Part 1: MIDI

Alta's Music Doorway - Gary Wachtel: Please do not link directly to these songs.

Google - provides good results if you precede genre, artist or title queries with the word "MIDI". Links organized by genre. Only a few are broken. Some links are broken, however, and the site tries to install spyware on your computer. MIDI City - links organized by genre. Top52 - more links to MIDI sites. Ostensibly searchable, but doesn't work very well. General Collections Partner's in Crime - excellent and diverse selection. Also organized into genres, but can only see file names, not song or artist names in this view.

MIDIs Galore - huge collection organized by artist. Actually downloading a file is cumbersome, requiring several clicks, and the downloaded file is zipped. Attempts to block downloads. Can refine searches based on artist. Attempts to prevent downloading using a CGI script. Includes links and background information.

MIDI Den - medium sized collection organized by genre. Arrangeur - diverse collection of MIDI files organized by song title. A little slow, however, and uses zipped files. Suncity - a fairly large collection of MIDI files, but listed by song title instead of genre or artist.

Kuscher - good choice of MIDI files organized by genre, but no information is available about recordings other than filenames. Artist name is not identified. Can view by category or by instrument. Tab files available as well as MIDI. MIDI Collection - small set of recordings organized by genre. Chez Luna - small collection organized by genre.

All Songs - only a few recordings, but lots of information about them. Free MIDI - small collection organized by artist. Some files are missing. Shire - small collection organized by artist. Also a section on blues. MIDI Sounds - a small number of recordings organized by genre. No artist names given. Attempts to block downloadying using CGI scripts. Patchul - lots of recordings organized loosely by genre, but some of recordings are not very good quality.

Western Classical Classical Music Archives - huge archive of classical music, but can only download a little at a time for free. Also makes you create an account. Classical MIDI Connection - diverse selection of classical music organized into a wide range of categories. Attempts to prevent downloads using CGI scripts. Popular MIDI - diverse selection organized by period. Can't download by right clicking, but can save from Windows Media Player.

On Classical - moderate sized collection of classical music organized by composer. Organized by period and composer. Can have sorted in different ways. Sorted by nationality and then composer. Sometimes organized by artist and sometimes by genre. A little bit of jazz too. Must enable pop-ups to access. Reggae MIDI - large selection of reggae organized by artist. Free Reggae - a few decent reggae recordings organized by artist. Korsowito's Reggae Page - a few Carribean files, organized mostly by song name.

Includes music 's of years old. Sometimes organized by type, sometimes by period. Sometimes sorted by genre, sometimes by title. Bagpipes at Best - many Scottish bagpipe recordings. Israel Gimel - good selection of traditional and modern Jewish music. Cannot save by right clicking, but can save from Windows Media Player.

Ingeb - lots of international folk songs with lyrics, but generally only the melodies are present. Site is in German mostly. Jazz Bourbon Street Jazz - well organized selection of jazz. Can sort by either artist or song name.

Popular Music Jazz Page - very large selection of jazz organized by song title. Artist is usually available. Organized by song name and includes a brief description.

Also includes a few non-jazz filesorganized by song name includes name of artist too. Orgainized by song name, but includes genre descriptors. Includes a lot of new non-famous compositions. Includes a few classical recordings. Includes artist name, but not sorted. Rap World - godd selction organized by artist, but only available as zipped files. Funkville - small but good quality collection of funk. Doc Doc - good collection of blues and jazz. Blues Indonesia - nice mix of blues and "old-time" music.

Sometimes I Get the Blues - small collection of blues recordings. God's Gospel - excellent source of gospel music. Layout can be a bit annoying. Organized by time period.

bTd Big Band MIDI Archive - A small but well-done...
Live and Learn Lyrics: I don't mean to offend you...

Last time I checked, You weren't there when I was down Hear me now No heroes , just fucking foes That's how it goes You live and you learn Your life's none of. Read more...

MIDI, Archives, Accessories, MIDI Players. Jazz, Vocal, Swing, Ballad, Sal...
Lyrics to

Lyrics to 'Carry Me' by Family Of The Year. When you know it's not okay / and you know you're not to blame / Look inside your mind and try to find / this heart. Read more...

Space are a British band from Liverpool, who formed in...

Space, formally Didier Marouani & Space, are a French electronic music band from the city of Marseille active from through and returning with. Read more...

"Big Band Tenor Sax Feature" - Original Jazz Piece - MIDI

The list is in alphabetical order - just click the title to download the file. Cool Jazz at Midiworld - This page has a set of "Cool Jazz Sequences" at the top of the page as well as lots of standards, and the files are easily downloaded by clicking on the text links.

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