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Jonny Walker's POV from Red Bull Romaniacs.

Early life Walker was born in Washington, D. While stationed in Boston , Walker met and married Barbara Crowley, and they had four children together, three daughters and a son.

Early life Walker was born in Washington, D. While stationed in Boston , Walker met and married Barbara Crowley, and they had four children together, three daughters and a son. Army Command and General Staff College using information obtained from Soviet archives and from Oleg Kalugin , indicated that the Pueblo incident may have taken place because the Soviets wanted to study equipment described in documents supplied to them by Walker.

Walker used most of the money to pay off his delinquent debts and to move his family into better neighborhoods, but he also set aside some for future investment, such as turning around the fortunes of his money-losing bar by hiring a skilled bartender.

Walker's chance to seek further assistance came in when he was stationed to teach radio operators in San Diego, California. There, Walker befriended student Jerry Whitworth.

Later, when Whitworth realized the data was going to the Soviets instead of Israel, he nonetheless continued supplying Walker with information, until Whitworth's retirement from the Navy in In , Walker retired from the Navy in order to give up his security clearance, as he believed certain superior officers of his were too keen on investigating lapses in his records.

Walker and Barbara had also divorced. However, Walker did not end his espionage, and began looking more aggressively among his children and family members for assistance Walker was a private investigator during this time. By , he had recruited his older brother Arthur, a retired Lieutenant Commander who then went to work at a military contractor , and his son Michael, an active duty seaman.

Walker then turned his attention to his son, who had drifted during much of his teenage years and dropped out of high school. Walker gained custody of his son, put him to work as an apprentice at his detective agency in order to prepare him for espionage and encouraged him to re-enroll in high school to earn a diploma, then to enlist in the Navy.

When Walker began spying, he worked as a key supervisor in the communications center for the U. Atlantic Fleet's submarine force, and he would have had knowledge of top secret technologies, such as the SOSUS underwater surveillance system, which tracks underwater acoustics via a network of submerged hydrophones.

Navy was able to track the location of Soviet submarines by the cavitation produced by their propellers. After this, the propellers on the Soviet submarines were improved to reduce cavitation. They had intercepted our coded messages, but they had never been able to read them. And with Walker providing the code cards, this was one-half of what they needed to read the messages.

The other half they needed were the machines themselves. Though Walker could give them repair manuals, he couldn't give them machines.

And in early they captured the Pueblo, they took it into Wonsan Harbor, they quickly took the machines off Now Moscow had both parts of the puzzles.

USA // Washington, DC. Hash. // Providence, RI. Jeff Franca. // Denver, CO. Rob Myers. // Washington, DC. Mr. Lif. // Boston, MA. LouLou Ghelichkhani. // Austin. Read more...

They had the machine and they had an American spy, in place, in Norfolk , with the code cards and with access to them. O'Connor reported, "It's been estimated by some intelligence experts that Mr. Walker provided enough code-data information to alter significantly the balance of power between Russia and the United States". Arrest and imprisonment John and Barbara Walker divorced in Their marriage was marked by physical abuse and alcohol. By Barbara had begun regularly abusing alcohol and was very fearful for her children.

She wanted the children not to become involved in the spy ring, and that led to constant disagreement with John. Barbara tried several times to contact the Boston office of the FBI, but she either hung up or was too drunk to speak.

In November she again contacted the Boston office and in a drunken confession reported that her ex-husband spied for the Soviet Union. She did not then know that Michael had become an active participant, and later admitted she would not have reported the spy ring had she known her son was involved. Since Barbara's report regarded a person who lived in Virginia, the Boston office sent the report to the Norfolk office. When the FBI in Norfolk reviewed the report the counterintelligence squad concluded it might be a truthful report and initiated a discreet investigation.

The FBI conducted an interview of Walker's daughter, Laura, who confirmed that her father was a KGB spy and said that he had tried to recruit her into his espionage ring while she was in the U. In May the FBI learned through the electronic surveillance that it was likely that John Walker would travel out of town on the weekend of May 18 and 19, Later that evening about 8: John Walker was arrested during the early morning hours of May 20, , by a team of agents from the Norfolk and Washington FBI field offices.

The FBI apprehended Walker himself at a motel in Montgomery County, Maryland , by using, ironically, a trick he had used to catch people in adultery cases—that is, by telephoning his hotel room and telling him that his car had been hit in an accident.

He had to be taken off his ship under guard to avoid getting beaten by sailors and Marines. Arthur Walker was the first member of the espionage ring to go to trial.

During the arrest of Arthur Walker, he was read his rights and repeatedly told he needed to stay silent until he could retain a lawyer, but kept admitting complicity in an effort to "show remorse". He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to three life sentences in a federal district court in Norfolk. Walker cooperated somewhat with authorities, enough to form a plea bargain that reduced the sentence for his son. He agreed to submit to an unchallenged conviction and life sentence, to provide a full disclosure of the details of his spying, and to testify against Whitworth in exchange for a pledge from the prosecutors that the maximum sentence requested for Michael was 25 years imprisonment, which was later Michael's sentence.

Whitworth is now incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary, Atwater , a high-security federal prison in California. Walker's older brother Arthur received three life sentences plus 40 years and died in the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina on July 5, , six weeks before the death of his younger brother.

He would have become eligible for parole in

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Early life Johnny Walker was born in to a mill-worker in Indore. Born to a Muslim family, he was named Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi at birth.

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