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Max Green also confirmed through Formspring that there will be a song co-written by guitarist John 5 of Rob Zombie , later seen to be "Liars And Monsters". He has also hinted towards there being a "Guillotine III:

Max Green also confirmed through Formspring that there will be a song co-written by guitarist John 5 of Rob Zombie , later seen to be "Liars And Monsters". He has also hinted towards there being a "Guillotine III: The Aftermath" track on the album, which was later confirmed as true. During early recording, Max Green was questioned on Formspring about the band possibly changing record labels.

Max responded by saying that he will reveal all of that at a later time. This would make the record the first to be released without Epitaph Records. Craig Mabbitt stated that the band had no issues with Epitaph but the appeal to bring their music to a wider audience led to their signing with Interscope. The band was initially worried about switching but were pleased that neither the new label or the new producer wanted to change or control the band.

A November 2 release date was also confirmed. Speaking about the album, Max Green commented, "This record is the cure for the modern day music epidemic, We are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it. Being able to completely form the writing and recording process with the current lineup for the first time, the band felt that the album would be a great representation for the band.

This is due to the fact that when Mabbitt first joined the band, he felt very rushed to write a record and fit into an already established band. In addition, the debut on a major label also led to the band choosing to self-title the album. Lyrically, the album is heavier and darker than previous efforts, according to Mabbitt. In an interview, he explained the choice of direction for the album in that they were, "figuring out what we enjoy playing live, what we enjoy listening to on our record.

For writing, Craig Mabbitt expressed that he believes it is more important to focus on what the band enjoys doing rather than copying other bands for success. Mabbitt also praised Gilmore for his ability to perfect the album without affecting their music.

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Commenting on the album, Mabbitt feels that "This record has the heaviest song the band has ever written, it has the softest ballad the band has ever written, it has the craziest solo Monte has ever written.

The whole record just has everything in it. Mabbitt stated that, " was screaming for help and nobody helped her at all. Everybody just turned the other cheek. That was something that really struck me, and I see that happening a lot, just people not wanting to lend a helping hand to people when somebody is hurting That's definitely where I went with that song.

The ballad track "World Around Me" takes a broader view and was written about life in general. However, the second Guillotine was written as well to relate to real-life soldiers in battle. For the self-titled album, Mabbitt wrote a third Guillotine track but did not want to base it off of Halo again. Instead, he wrote a more personal track about his father who was in the military when Mabbitt was a child. On both tracks "Lost in Darkness" and "Liars and Monsters", a track that appears on the Deluxe Edition of the album, he sang at the lowest pitch he has done yet for a track.

On the track "Zombie Dance", Mabbitt described the recording process and that he recorded five layers of vocal harmony for the final mix in addition to little sound effects. He explained it was difficult to achieve the high harmonies and right pitches right for all of the tracks. Another difficulty he experienced while recording was boosting the endings of songs for an epic feels. Despite this, Craig stated he enjoyed experimenting and that he "can't wait to keep on going back into the studio and experimenting on a ton of different things.

The decision to put them as bonus tracks were encouraged to keep the length and tracks on the album to a manageable size.

Mabbitt jokingly stated that the band recorded so much material, almost two albums worth, that he "just want to record everything and just release a 20 track album. Two ballads and about five heavier songs were cut because the band had to decide "Which one is the strongest one?

Which one do we have most vocals to? What's going to fit in the diversity of the record? It would have been more like a straightforward record. That's not what we like to do. We like to have a lot of that diversity in our sound. Before finalizing, however, Monte Money decided to rerecord the guitar part with a lower tune to change the sound of the song. After rerecording, the band agreed they liked the original version better but the deadline for the record did not allow them to finish the song in time so they are going to keep it for a later release.

The band's new logo is to be featured on the cover of the album. Mabbitt has also stated on his Twitter that the band has shot a music video for a new song. The cover contains the new "Escape the Fate" logo, as was previously shown on the singles "Massacre" and "Issues". Below the logo adorns the four band members profiles with scarred and mangled faces, all in front of a solid black backdrop. On October 30, the band started streaming the regular edition of the album on their Myspace.

The band will record the video after they return from their European tour with Bullet for My Valentine and hope to have it released before the holidays. Instead, to promote the album, the band will be headlining their own tour called "The Dead Masquerade Tour", a title stemming from a lyric in the track "Zombie Dance". The tour will begin in January and will feature supporting acts including: This is due to Max Green still being in rehab, and therefore was unavailable to shoot a video.

Still wanting to release a single before beginning their headlining tour, they released footage of a live concert inside a Las Vegas strip joint, similar to the format of the video for "This War Is Ours The Guillotine II ", but with higher production value. The video also contains segments of strippers dancing around a stage, appealing to the title "City of Sin".

The deluxe edition has an alternative cover, will be in format CD, and in addition it is going to contain new material to the normal version. New material includes a digital booklet and three new songs: On October 29, the deluxe edition of the album was released in the United States by means of pre-order, along with the standard edition pre-orders. Escape The Fate have released a stream of a remix of "Issues" from their new self-titled album.

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