Ozzy Osbourne - crazy train - live Firenze rock 17.06.2018

Ozzy Osbourne -Bark At The Moon live at Download Festival 2018

But as he sat onstage for a press conference in the small basement theater beneath his Los Angeles home, he complained about one big problem:

But as he sat onstage for a press conference in the small basement theater beneath his Los Angeles home, he complained about one big problem: But Ozzy's going to be busy saying his farewells on a two-year "No More Tours" road trip, which begins April 27th in Jacksonville, Florida, before heading across North America, and then overseas in His band will again be led by guitar flamethrower Zakk Wylde, with bassist Blasko, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman.

The Osbournes had long planned for the metal icon to begin slowing down when he turned By the time No More Tours closes, Ozzy will be Sure, no problem," Sharon told Revolver afterwards. Ozzfest will continue, if not every year. The family's pack of tiny dogs was mostly locked away in the office, and an Ozzy ventriloquist dummy in a top hat watched from a nearby couch.

On a wall above the downstairs fireplace were large vintage autographs of visiting celebrities from the basement's previous life as a radio studio. Among the names scrawled in white were the late crooners Mel Torme and Rudy Vallee, actress Natalie Wood and gameshow goddess Vanna White, along with other celebrity names lost to time and obscurity.

Last year, Ozzy ended his time in Sabbath with a farewell tour that closed in Birmingham, England, where the band formed in Ozzy didn't want to go have a party: Not just playing the instrument, but to be around. I have a great relationship with the band. Tommy did the Sabbath thing. They're just very reliable. Nobody gets loaded or drunk. Nobody plays Black Sabbath like Black Sabbath.

You can get the greatest people in the world. The only sad thing about it is that things didn't work out with Bill Ward.

It would have been great. But we did the best we could. When I go onstage with Black Sabbath, I don't have to look over my shoulder. When we locked in, nobody could touch us. Tony Iommi — for whatever people want to say about me and him — is a founder of heavy metal. He would come up with a riff, and I'd go "He ain't going to top this! Now I'm my own boss. If I don't like something, I'll get it changed.

In Sabbath, it was three against one. It felt like that because I don't play an instrument. I've been saying to Sharon, "I've got these songs I want to put down.

This should have been a fucking studio! She built a theater, which she never uses. But the thing about having your own studio, you get lazy — because you don't have to get up, get dressed, get in the car, go to the studio. It was the first No. Which is quite interesting. The whole deal has changed. I never thought in my lifetime I would see the end of discs or albums. But now it's all fucking dial it in, whatever.

I don't want it. Right now I haven't got any plans. But when I've slowed down, I can think clearer. It's closing some doors and opening others. I wasn't there for my kids growing up — neither physical or mental. I was loaded up on some shit or screaming at the top of my lungs.

Now I can appreciate the fact that I've got grandchildren and a family still. I'm lucky to be alive, never mind the family. I don't drink anymore, I don't do drugs, I don't smoke cigarettes. I'm quite a boring old fart! No, but everybody likes the bad guy.

I'm sure Robin Hood didn't rob from the rich to give to poor. It's always the bad things that people get a kick out of. But that's alcohol and drugs.

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It's not very cool to die young. I lived through a whirlwind of fun. But when I was having fun on my own, because I was too outrageous, it was lonely. This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn't support. Sign up here instead Related.

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