7th Annual Turkey Bowl @ Paul Brown Stadium

HIstory of Paul Brown Stadium

It does not adhere to the NFL rules and regulations Photo: That's the Paul Brown Stadium policy regarding large purses on game day.

Paul Brown Stadium is nice and very spacious stadium. It was very easy to navigate through the stadium and find our seats. The staff was friendly in assisting and helping you find your seating area. We had some amazing seats. We were able to have a clear view of the stage.

Even for the people seating way at the top were able to watch the concert on the Big Projectors. The concessions stands make sure they get their money with the ridiculously overpriced food and drink prices.

Make sure you eat and get your drink before you come cause the prices are high. Great Place to have a concert and any Big Venue. I had a Blast. This review is strictly about the stadium. It gets the job done. Over the years, I have attended several events here for children.

Being so large, the events never feel packed. That is until everyone is trying to move up or down the stairs. It is usually slow going, and cramped. There is a lot of concrete. Views from the stands seem to be good anywhere I have sat. I am not sure how that translates to football games.

I was here for the Steelers- Bengals game. It was a great game!! The stadium is pretty nice. We had seats in the upper level, but they were not bad seats at all. I doubt there are many bad seats here. We visited the gift shop which was pretty large! I am not a Bengals fan so we really did not do much but look around.

They have a lot of concession areas so we really never had a long line at any point during the game. Regarding food and drinks The fans were very nice in the area we were in.. The jumbo screens are in good shape and easy to see My only negative on this whole experience is when the game was over.

Everyone gets funneled out various gates but there is a MAJOR bottleneck where several gates come together but everyone has to go out a narrow area to get back on the streets. I have been to a lot of stadiums and never seen a back up like this. I bet it took 15 min to go about feet.

But this is a fun town and stadium to go to. I broke my foot on the way to the game and made it at half time. They were seriously the nicest most accommodating folks I've ever had the pleasure of being assisted by! I got to my seat and enjoyed the last half of the game and they even wheeled me out to the curb for a lyft.

All around super awesome experience and I will be back next month!! I am here for the Cincinnati Music Festival and the Stadium itself is nice. There isn't a lot of decor, more concrete than anything. The bars on the field level were cash only. That was disappointing, considering the price of the drinks I needed to swipe. But the most disappointing part was the ability to smoke anywhere people wanted to in here. I am asthmatic and couldn't enjoy the concert because it was a struggle to breath.

If I come back I'll have to get a box seat or come in with a smoke blocking mask. If your a Bengals fan like my wife they have a large assortment of fan gear. The staff could be friendlier but other that it's an overall good place. They also ha e a large selection of youth and clearance items.

Great stadium for watching a game. Had the privilege to watch the Bengals vs Bears. There is truly no bad seat in this stadium. Concession prices are your standard prices as far as stadium prices go. Furthermore, I recommend dressing warmly during the winter as the stadium is outdoors and the wind can get quite uncomfortable.

I have to say The fan experience at Paul Brown is pretty mediocre. Despite the Bengals celebrating their 50th anniversary, the stadium remains barren of any real character. Even the rival Steelers, who are still extremely conservative, have a unique presence in their stadium lots of history, attractions, and their seats are yellow for crying out loud.

The food and drink is completely lousy as well -- despite Cincinnati having some great restaurants, pizza joints and unique breweries, you get generic "nachos", "burgers" , and "pizza" stands. For an example of this being done well, look no further than the Bengal's neighbors -- the Reds. Overall this is a lousy place to see a football game, and a worse representation of the proud city of Cincinnati. I'll always be a Bengals fan They threw my purse in the trash. Said it may be stolen, that was the only option.

I left it thinking it was gone, then the same guy who had taken it, told me they threw it in the trash. Meaning, they either threw it straight away, or all Paul brown stadium employees had first pick on which one they took home that night. Frequent customer turned into a Colts fan.

Cincinnati is only about an hour and a half away from my house so we will frequent this establishment every now and then maybe every other year. We always go in the Steelers always whoop up on the Bengals so this place gets a three out of five just because the Steelers always beat the Bengals when I'm there.

I've gotten mistreated by a lot of the fans but I don't care because the Steelers always come out on top. Come down early before the game!

It will make parking easier to find. Plus, you'll have time to enjoy everything set up just outside the entrance. You might find food, games, face painting - everyone will have fun! This it the first time visiting Cincinnati and therefore, Paul Brown stadium. I am a Steelers fan so I am familiar with the location. I was here for the Cincinnati Music fest.

The stadium is located in a good location with a scenic view of the water. The place is pretty big. On entering there were vendors setup for the venue. The seats were a little hard to find at first but I finally accomplished this. The sound was great and they had various screens setup to be able to view the artists.

Overall it was a good venue and I had a good time. I'm a Lions fan. Saw the opportunity to go to Paul Brown Stadium to watch a game over Christmas break. I'd never been to an outdoor NFL game in December before. I saw that it was going to be 39 degrees during the game, so I thought it would be nothing. Sat in the cold for five hours, but it was worth it, great game. It's a functional stadium, you know. There are two big screens and another LED band that shows the score. I kind of wish the stadium was enclosed by the walls, because you could feel the wind battering you, and it's not fun.

I know this is how modern stadiums are built, but I'm not a fan. I've also been to Cowboys Stadium for a tour. Paul Brown is functional. This is everything an NFL stadium should be. I don't see why the owners demand billions from taxpayers, it's just a football game. Want an open-air stadium? There's no need for the gimmicks like a retractable dome, retractable field, fancy, modern design. Once you're in your seat, it's a game like anywhere else. I really have no complaints.

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Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati:
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NFL Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens Starting Game at Paul Brown Stadium 2017/9/10
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Paul Brown Stadium is nice and very spacious stadium. It was very easy to navigate through the stadium and find our seats.

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