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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme (Rock Cover)

Shovel Knight can dig up food that you can eat! When the Moon hits, the only survivor left is Shovel Knight, who doesn't seem to even be aware of the moon.

Shovel Knight can dig up food that you can eat! When the Moon hits, the only survivor left is Shovel Knight, who doesn't seem to even be aware of the moon.

All the fighters got taken out, including, presumably, the one who called it. When the ground starts shaking ominously , Donkey Kong and Diddy look out to see the silhouette of their nemesis, King K. Yes, the pugnacious portly penguin is playing a prank, prompting the pair of perplexed primates to Jaw Drop. As Dedede starts laughing himself silly, the real King K. Rool shows up behind him and smacks him on the head so hard he goes flying off-screen. This causes the Kongs to get an Eye Pop that breaks through their window!

Diddy's Kong Quest , where Diddy had the exact same reaction to seeing bosses including K. Rool is an absolute side-splitter. It's currently the page image. Even funnier, since Dedede is voiced by Sakurai himself, it could be seen as Sakurai lampshading his reputation as a Trolling Creator by having Dedede troll the Kongs and the audience. Dedede here also acts pretty similarly to his portrayal in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! And we all know how big of a Fountain of Memes he is in that show And what did Dedede use to disguise himself?

Rool Mii costume that had everyone fuming back in the day. There's something funny about King K. Rool blowing steam out of his nose and roaring while a really upbeat remix of his boss theme from the first Donkey Kong Country is playing. Rool tries to grab some bananas, only for Villager to Pocket them first, causing K.

Rool to chase him. Villager stealing from K. Rool has actually become something of a Running Gag in the Smash Bros. Becomes Fridge Brilliance when you realise that K. Rool's crown looks like the "crown" item from Animal Crossing, which is the second-most valuable item in the game at one million Bells, so if Villager can sell it, he can pay off even the biggest of his house loans in full.

Ness, Pikachu, and Inkling all footstool jump off of K. Inkling in particular looks very happy to be doing so. Rool right after the Inkling jumps off his head. Rool's character portrait just looks hilarious, almost as if he's trying to to emulate a Sassy Black Woman.

One of the Donkey Kong Country developers laments that if he knew K. Rool would eventually be popular enough to star in crossover games like Smash Bros. The fact that King K. Rool blows up an entire island for his Final Smash is darkly comedic. It's only after Isabelle's character splash appeared that first-time viewers knew what they were watching.

Even better, it pulled another Commercial Switcheroo after the Smash segment of the trailer, promoting a new Animal Crossing game for Isabelle's sheer surprise when she finds out she's been invited to Smash, making up the aforementioned character splash. Before, Isabelle laments that the mayor has been too busy with the campsite and Smash to manage the town and wonders if she should be the mayor instead. Falco prepares to use Fire Bird, only for Isabelle to extinguish him with a bucket of water.

When Diddy is drowning, Isabelle saves him by catching him with her fishing rod, before tossing him away. Isabelle is on the Nintendog stage with a regular dog in the background. Isabelle pulling a stop sign on Sonic. Kapp'n is driving Isabelle away with his bus while Villager tries to catch up by riding Lloid, only for Lloid to explode. If you watch closely, Villager does catch up; Lloid explodes on contact with the bus.

Super Smash Bros Direct - November 1, The pattern of an established character getting killed in a reveal trailer concludes with Ken knocking Little Mac out of the ring and through one of the broadcast screens, then taken even further with Incineroar doing the same to Ken in his own reveal trailer! Rool waiting to take him on, causing him to sigh in exasperation.

One of the Spirit battles shown is Chrom with Owain's Spirit, giving him a Killing Edge at the beginning of the match, increased power to melee weapons, and an affinity to constantly taunt. As transformative Final Smashes are either phased out or significantly reworked for this game, many were left wondering as to the nature of Yoshi's new Final Smash.

Here, we finally see what it is: Not only is it funny, adorable, and awesome all at the same time, it also serves as a nifty Call-Back to Melee's opening movie along with the strongest move of Mini-Yoshi in The Thousand Year Door.

To introduce Thwomp, we see one drop down on Snake, only to reveal that it's Kirby using his Stone ability Even funnier that in the next clip, Mario and Luigi are shown near the Thwomp.

Mario successfully evades it while Luigi isn't so lucky In tradition, defeating the Wily Capsule causes Wily to beg for mercy.

Bruncharia Menu. Our bottomless Bruncharia is unique and different to other brunches you may have had. Our format is similar to what you may find in a gaucho. Read more...

Guile as an Assist Trophy does what he does best crouch down in one place and not moving in order to either block projectiles or use Flash Kick if someone gets near him. Once you remember Ken and Guile are brothers-in-law who loathe each other you can only imagine their reaction when they find out the other made it into Smash Bros. Sakurai makes the announcement that soon after the game releases, work will begin on DLC! The camera then holds a shot of Sakurai as he slowly, silently blinks and then he chuckles and asks, "Will I ever take a break?

The final character reveal of the Direct. The camera pans across several Mario characters, who are stunned as if their shield was popped, while an intense rendition of the Dark Land map theme plays. Mario then appears, and walks slowly across the land until he comes across The music instantly cuts out when Mario sees it, and remains awkwardly silent as he tries to dash attack it, only for the Piranha Plant to sidestep, knock Mario into the air, turn into a Spiny Piranha Plant and swing its whole head at Mario, knocking him offscreen.

Yup, Mario just got curbstomped by a playable Piranha Plant. For fans of Bowser's Kingdom , this inclusion means you get to play as Steve. The over-enthusiastic way the Piranha Plant runs, with teeny legs scuttling underneath the pipe and its tongue hanging out of its mouth like a dog chasing something.

Just the fact that a Piranha Plant is playable at all is this. Sakurai has a satisfying enough base roster and five DLC characters along the way, so just for the fun of it, he decided it'd be a good idea to make a basic mook playable as a total curve-ball.

It's the perfect character for anyone who can take a joke. It becomes even funnier when you realize that Waluigi got upstaged by a plant! While witnessing nearly every character being captured in the World of Light trailer is frightening and saddening on several levels, the ways some characters get caught are worth a laugh.

Like the Inklings trying and failing to hide in the inked turf beneath them with the terrain itself exploding to confirm it didn't work , or Snake hoping his cardboard box will hide him from the godly waves of light. Then there's Wii Fit Trainer, who performs a few poses before she's vaporized. Character showcase videos and screenshots Quite a few character trailers have this, such as: Donkey Kong faking Peach out and kidnapping her.

Link throwing a bomb past an approaching Pikachu, who then proceeds to follow it until it explodes. Link walking off with a Cucco while the "Cucco Revenge Squad" chases and attacks him. Two Yoshis tossing a Mr. Saturn like it was Baby Mario. Kirby turning into a treasure chest from Breath of the Wild, which Link attempts to open.

Pikachu throwing a Beetle at a blindsiding Mr. Luigi's Green Missile getting deflected by Dr. Mario, leading to him careening into a wall. Luigi dodging Ryu's kick by just casually dropping.

Luigi kicking Mario's hand while he's grabbing onto a ledge is funny in a dark way. Ness ducking with Jeff as he launches the Bottle Rockets. Captain Falcon outrunning a race car with the Bunny Hood, then proceeding to get hit by it anyway. Jigglypuff gets its shield broken by Marth, sending her flying off of Gaur Plains to remind us that she still has that instant kill shield break effect.

Peach throwing one of her Vegetables at Kirby, who proceeds to eat it. Daisy kicking one of Duck Hunt's exploding cans, right into an unsuspecting Ness. The confident look on Daisy's face sells it.

Bowser attempting to eat a peach, only for Whispy Woods to blow him off balance. Kirby eating Popo during an attack, leading Nana to have a Freak Out! Sheik doing a spinning kick and Pikachu trying to emulate it.

Zelda calling to Link, only for the Great Plateau Tower to crumble onto him. It even looks like Zelda was the one making the ceiling fall! Mario beating Luigi in a Cyclone contest and dusting his sleeve off afterward. Pichu being asleep when his character trailer starts, leading to an expression of "oh, is it my turn!? Falco picking up various foods until he comes across a roast chicken and burns with rage. Young Link beating the ever-loving crap out of Ganondorf is followed by him taking a swig of Lon Lon Milk.

It just looks like a "Got Milk?

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They are a part of a program we called Open Source Music, which had the goal of making music as open and accessible as any other open-source project.

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