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Odadjian had met them in a recording studio, where he was recording with his own band. The two members called upon him for assistance, and he became manager of the band.

Odadjian had met them in a recording studio, where he was recording with his own band. The two members called upon him for assistance, and he became manager of the band. Odadjian says in an early interview that securing System's first local gig was a struggle: I was managing the band and we had no demo , we had no money, but we wanted to play a show. I was working at the bank and between wire transfers, I would be calling the Roxy. Eddie, give us a show.

One day the Roxy just blew up and said, 'Fine! Go sell 75 tickets. The band has stated that they also wanted their CDs to be placed in stores alongside their favorite band, Slayer.

It was at this time that Odadjian passed on his original managerial responsibilities to Velvet Hammer Music. Their first release was titled "Sugar. His usual style of playing bass is with a pick, although he also has been seen fingerpicking during certain songs. Particularly Odadjian's beard quickly became a part of his signature look. Commenting on System of a Down's reputation for biting, socially and politically charged lyrics, Odadjian has rejected the label of System of a Down as a "political band" in interviews.

We're not a political band. In the world we live today, politics plays a major role in every one of our lives so of course, we're going to speak about politics but we also speak about sex, drugs, laughing, crying and sadness and death and life, including politics If you write a song about New Orleans because help didn't come to them from their own country for four days, you're going to speak about that.

That's huge, that's big, that's happening now. But that doesn't make us a political band. That makes us a band that raises awareness about certain issues. On November 23, , System released an official statement declaring that they would play a number of European festivals in , and they played a number of shows in western North America as well.

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Reuniting for recent performances On October 31, , Odadjian hosted the event "Halloween" at The Roxy , in which he and fellow System band mates Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan reunited to jam on stage and perform various songs together, including System of a Down 's "Suite-Pee.

Many shall come, only a few shall be Achozen. The four principal members feel that their unique sound is not only spiritual in nature, but a new genre of "heavy hip hop," not "rap-metal. Most of the Achozen album was recorded at one of Odadjian's two studios and were also produced by him.

The bulk of the beats were created by Odadjian only one or two samples were used on the entire record who also played live instruments throughout, including bass and sitar. RZA, who contributed his share of beats, Kinetic 9 and the Reverend William Burke sing a majority of the vocals and lyrics, which are, according to Odadjian, "some of the most innovative, poetic and righteous words and vocals that I've ever heard.

The music of Achozen is described by one writer as a cosmic experience in hip-hop: AcHoZeN is space hip hop, rap without a coast or even a planet.

Instead, each song revolves around a solar system of feeling. The album explores and exorcises a spectrum of emotions, as each track delves into either pain, ecstasy, hate or hope. Utilizing sitar and violin, Shavo breaks the mold, playing live instruments across the album, as he constructs beats with a cosmic fluidity. It is not just a band, it's a way of thinking.

Achozen also appears on the major motion picture, Babylon A. A on December 1, The AcHoZeN album was anticipated to be released in mid, but has yet to be released, due in part to Odadjian's commitments to System of a Down. Potentially, more songs are to come as it has been stated that many more are mixed and recorded. Ursession In early , Odadjian founded Ursession , a virtual online art district and networking site aimed at uniting artists of all genres and styles around the world.

The website is also founded by Odadjian's long-time friend and entertainment attorney, Narb Avedissian. Dre , and other prominent rappers when they first began in the industry. Odadjian goes by the name DJ Tactics, and spins a wide spectrum of music spanning hip-hop, tech-house, classic rock, and metal. Odadjian spinning a set at a club in Hollywood, Ca.

Odadjian was executive producer for Abloom , a side project of members of Onesidezero , Snot , and Soulfly. Odadjian is currently mentoring the band Chameleon Conductor record their debut album. Odadjian's younger brother Dave Odadjian plays bass in the band, alongside his cousin Harry Markarian, who plays the guitar.

He will be accompanying Rza. DecompoZeR is Odadjian's producer alias. He announced that completed tracks are anticipated to be released in , including a brand-new GraveDiggaz track featuring Frukwan aka: Other collaborations include 60 Second Assassin , Killah Priest , and others.

Odadjian states the video's idea was conceived from one of his dreams , and Hypnotize. He also directed the Taproot video for the song, Mine. Odadjian's directing style implements surreal atmospheric themes and integrates innovative methods in filming, inspired by Rod Serling Twilight Zone.

The two are seen charismatically walking stage side, conversing and smoking together. Odadjian also directed the TV spot and launch trailer for the video game Mortal Kombat X , which features his band's signature song " Chop Suey! Scoring films In —, Odadjian and Rza teamed up with Hans Zimmer in scoring major motion-picture, summer blockbuster movie Babylon A.

He also made a cameo as Hansel's Posse member in the film Zoolander. In , Odadjian starred in the critically acclaimed film " Screamers ", a documentary by internationally known director Carla Garapedian.

The film follows Odadjian and the rest of the rock band System of a Down as they tour Europe and the US, pointing out the horrors of modern genocide that began in Armenia in up through Darfur today. Odadjian is an avid and passionate painter.

His artwork has been featured in many System music videos and live shows -including an abstract piece highlighted in System of a Down 's "Hypnotize" video.

During Ozzfest of , Odadjian created a piece, abstract mosaic of paintings that was utilized as the stage backdrop for System's headlining Ozzfest performance.

Stage design in System of a Down performances is also attributed to Odadjian. One critic wrote of the Ozzfest performance: Where most of the other bands on the bill stuck to the traditional metal imagery of skulls, blood and gore to enhance their stages, System went the other way, offering a series of abstract paintings that swished across an enormous video screen.

Odadjian is a human rights activist known to take on an avid role in protesting against human atrocities, including, but not limited to, the recognition and prevention of worldwide genocide. Odadjian was nominated for the award by young kids in the community. During his acceptance speech, Odadjian highlighted the importance of being active in your local community: It was better than winning the Grammy. The Grammy is just industry; it's corporate.

This is from the kids. This shows you that a difference happened. The best thing in the world is when you can get someone to notice a difference. It was an amazing feeling. I know where it came from. The kids nominated me, and it was the best.

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This song has quite unusual timing during the intro and chorus, following a 3, 3, 3, 3, 4 pattern. Also, according to some people, the etc part of the intro and chorus is played only by the bass, while Daron only plays open strings.

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