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Biography Trey's childhood home in Princeton, New Jersey.

Biography Trey's childhood home in Princeton, New Jersey. His father, Ernest Anastasio Jr. His mother, Dina, was a children's book author and editor of Sesame Street Magazine. He grew up with his sister Kristy. Although frequently referred to as an ROTC dance, this information is incorrect — it was in fact a Christmas semi-formal for Mike's dorm, which happened to house many ROTC students at the time.

The band was very primitive at this time and used hockey sticks as mic stands. After performing one set, Michael Jackson 's Thriller album was put on by a party-goer to drown out the band. The band would not return to play but were still paid for the performance. While living at home for a semester, Anastasio met up with childhood friends Tom Marshall , his future writing partner, and Marc Daubert who would officially join Phish as percussionist from September to February Anastasio, along with Jon Fishman, transferred to Goddard College.

These songs became mainstays of the Phish catalog. He graduated from Goddard in Phish Anastasio is a founding member of the rock band Phish , serving as lead guitarist and vocalist since their inception. Phish is noted for their musical improvisation , extended jams , exploration of a broad range of genres, and original live performances.

Formed at the University of Vermont in with the current line up solidifying in , the band includes bassist and vocalist Mike Gordon ; percussionist, vacuum player, and vocalist Jon Fishman ; and keyboardist and vocalist Page McConnell. Phish performed together for over 20 years, releasing 10 studio albums, before breaking up in August They reunited in March for a corresponding tour, released a reunion album Joy and have since resumed performing regularly.

The group recorded a four-track project during Phish's short hiatus in the summer of Much of the project would be retooled and later featured on the first Phish album, The White Tape , in They casually played improvisational jazz around Burlington, Vermont, for a few months, with the first of several shows at Last Elm Cafe. They billed themselves as "the quietest band around". The concerts, like the group's sole album, consisted of completely improvised music. It was the first time members of both Phish and the Dead shared the stage together.

The group performed a series of Grateful Dead and Phish classics, plus covers from Nirvana , Jimi Hendrix , and others. Ivan Neville joined the group on keyboards for much of the performance. Trey Anastasio Band Main article: The band debuted a number of songs heard in Anastasio's live performances today, including "First Tube", "Last Tube", and "Mozambique".

Anastasio's first solo tour was with the trio, which included himself, Russ Lawton , and Tony Markellis. The trio reunited in late along with keyboardist Ray Packowski for a tour of the Northeast United States. The band expanded to a sextet in with three horn players added to the band Dave Grippo on alto sax, Jennifer Hartswick on trumpet and tuba, and Andy Moroz on trombone.

Some of the music originally performed by the sextet was later seen on his release, Trey Anastasio. A year later they evolved into The Octet which added Ray Paczkowski on keyboards and Russell Remington on tenor sax and flute; and The Dectet in through explored complex arrangements and changes of some songs included on Trey Anastasio, and was an evolved version of the octet, now a ten-piece band with the addition of Peter Apfelbaum on barritone sax and percussion, and Cyro Baptista on percussion.

He sat in and jammed with the band during " Lie in Our Graves ". Four of these seven songs have found their way into the Phish live repertoire and on official studio releases.

The performance also included the debut of the orchestral version of Anastasio's "First Tube". The band performed originals as well as covers from Rush , The Velvet Underground , and others. Surrender to the Air - ; An experimental band, playing long sections of improvisation all connected by segments conducted by Anastasio.

The group released a self-titled album in March It featured several members of the late Sun Ra 's big band, the Arkestra, which was among other modes an archetypical free jazz ensemble. The Vermont Youth Orchestra has performed with Anastasio on a number of occasions, including a performance at Carnegie Hall. Anastasio's attraction to complex compositions was apparent on his release, Seis De Mayo , which included some of his work with the Vermont Youth Orchestra, as well as other smaller ensembles.

The original intention of the band was to play a single concert, on May 4, The band reunited June 16, at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Most of the band, including Anastasio, performed on the album. The band was active throughout Fare Thee Well featured Anastasio on lead guitar and vocals as part of their final run of five "Fare Thee Well" 50th anniversary shows in Santa Clara June 27 and 28, and Chicago July 3, 4 and 5, Guitar playing style and stage equipment Anastasio has employed the services of his friend, luthier and audio-technician Paul Languedoc Phish's soundman from — throughout his career.

The highly resonant hollow-body electric guitars built by Languedoc for Anastasio, his Ibanez Tube Screamers , and Ross Compressors are key to his signature tone. Anastasio has several custom Languedoc hollow-body electric guitars, which make use of set maple necks with fret ebony fretboards and dual Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 humbucker pickups.

Anastasio's electric guitar technique is largely conventional; he does not typically make use of tapping techniques and does not usually play slide guitar an example of when he does is in the Oysterhead section of Les Claypool 's 5 Gallons of Diesel but is known to be competent at both techniques.

He normally uses a 2. Melodically, he often incorporates modes , notably the dorian , mixolydian , and locrian , as well as pentatonic scales. In addition to scales, Anastasio makes abundant use of arpeggios while improvising as well as in his compositional material.

He switched to Analogman's Bicompressor around , dropped the compressor from his rig in , and resumed use the Ross Compressor in when a group of fans who desired the return of Anastasio's "signature" Ross compressor sound pooled their resources to obtain a vintage Ross Compressor and sent it to Anastasio in an attempt to compel him to return the vintage effect pedal to his rig.

In , Anastasio added a Nova Repeater delay. He controls these devices singularly or in batch with a Custom Audio Electronics RS footpedal bank. In mid, he switched to a pair of modified Fender Deluxe Reverb amps, one serving as a backup. In he added a Bogner Shiva amp to his arsenal, which can still be seen on stage as recently as Summer Tour '14, though has not been used much during this tour.

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Anastasio currently plays three different acoustic guitars by Martin. In , Martin released a Trey Anastasio signature model acoustic guitar, with a dreadnought body with a curved Venetian cutaway. The guitar also has an Italian alpine spruce top, mahogany sides and a three-piece back with "wings" of mahogany and a center wedge of flame-figured Hawaiian koa similar to a D The guitar is finished with a flamed koa headplate and snowflake fingerboard inlays.

Martin built only of these guitars, which quickly sold out. Anastasio has used improvisation as the driving force behind simplified songwriting, particularly in the music he has written for his touring and recording projects apart from Phish. Tom Marshall , a New Jersey computer systems professional and friend of Anastasio since his Princeton childhood, has been his primary songwriting collaborator, acting as lyricist. One such demo, Trampled By Lambs and Pecked by the Dove , has been commercially released, and many of the songs included on this release were reincarnated into Phish's album The Story of the Ghost.

Anastasio also writes a number of his own lyrics, including all of the lyrics on his first release with Columbia Records , 's Shine. One of Anastasio's signature compositional techniques is the use of episodic or organic form. This technique had been used in a rock music setting by relatively few before Phish Frank Zappa and the Grateful Dead are two such examples.

Anastasio has also demonstrated skill at composing chamber music and music for orchestra, most notably on Seis De Mayo , his second solo album, and in his collaborations with the Vermont Youth Orchestra. On September 27, , Anastasio and Orchestra Nashville premiered a new work titled Time Turns Elastic, an original long-form piece that was orchestrated by composer and arranger Don Hart, and featured Anastasio on lead guitar and vocals.

Anastasio previously collaborated with Hart and Orchestra Nashville in his orchestral performance of "Guyute" at Bonnaroo After only 56 performances, the show closed on April 13, making it the "fastest closing new musical of the season.

I'm forever in their debt. Genesis did not perform. Personal life Anastasio is married to Susan Statesir, and they have two daughters, Eliza and Isabella. Anastasio pleaded guilty to a reduced felony drug charge and spent 14 months participating in daily meetings, drug testing , and performing community service in the Washington County, New York , drug court program. On June , after completing all phases of the New York State drug court, Anastasio graduated in good standing.

His conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor. He has publicly thanked the officer who arrested him for turning his life around. It was reconstructed between and from an existing structure, the Alan Irish Barn. The Barn has been used by Phish and most of Anastasio's projects since The cover photo of the Phish album Farmhouse is of the outhouse located right next to The Barn.

Beginning in , The Barn was transformed from a commercial recording facility into a studio environment providing accommodations and work space for artists participating in the Seven Below residency program.

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Among the five musicians onstage with Trey that evening were drummer Russ Lawton and bassist Tony Markellis. The trio Less than a year later, on February 15, , Trey performed a benefit show at Higher Ground for a local arts charity with Lawton and Markellis.

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