Every Apple Watch Band Ever Made

The BEST Apple Watch Strap/Bands to Workout With - Apple Watch Series 1-4

Whether you're still rocking the original Watch, you've got your paws on the new Apple Watch Series 4 or you're even looking to gift one, Apple's smartwatch is primed and ready for styling. Apple Watch tips and tricks If you've been put off by the prices of Apple's official bands, don't fear.

Whether you're still rocking the original Watch, you've got your paws on the new Apple Watch Series 4 or you're even looking to gift one, Apple's smartwatch is primed and ready for styling. Apple Watch tips and tricks If you've been put off by the prices of Apple's official bands, don't fear. There's a mass of third-party bands up for grabs, and they can look the part while still being far cheaper than their official counterparts.

We've tried out as many bands as we can to really get a feel for what they're like to wear, customise and adjust, so keep coming back for our latest picks. Top budget Apple Watch bands Why pay more? The sheer number of Apple Watch bands out there means there's some brilliant bargains to be had.

Check out these staples that won't break the bank. The strap attaches via velcro, and has a two year warranty if you're not happy with the quality. A highly impressive Amazon review score indicates that few people have cashed in on their warranty.

There are a bunch of colours available, and buying a few means you can leave one in your gym bag, so you'll never have to suffer wearing a Milanese loop on the treadmill.

They come with a bunch of men and women-friendly designed and unisex options, two-toned and mightily attractive. Luckily, there are plenty of re-sellers hawking Milanese mesh bands for pennies, showing how much you can save with a little shopping around.

We've picked out a couple here. We can't vouch personally for how good they are, but there are hundreds of reviews online attesting to their quality. The straps come with a folding clasp and there's a choice of colours for both the 38mm and the 42mm models — you can even get a gold finish if you want.

Leather replacement Likewise, there are plenty of leather strap options available on a shoestring too. This genuine leather number has a metal buckle and improved strength makes it well worth a pop.

Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato If you'd really like Apple's nylon bands but want something at about half the price, the Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato collection is for you.

Not only are there 49 different colour variations, these are light and durable straps, plus they just look darn good. They feature more traditional nylon designs than Apple's crop too. We've tested out the company's standard leather options from its Nappa collection, as well as its more vintage bands.

They're durable, have the same thin-leather style as Apple's collections and you even have the option to engrave your initials on. If that's not enough for you, and you're okay with paying a little more, the Italian band-maker also fashions straps from pythons, crocodiles and even ostriches.

Oh wait, there's also a few made from cat-sharks. Since it's leather, Alto indicates that the band will eventually develop into a different shade, and there are options for those with either a 38mm and 42mm. And the great bonus of leather bands is that they're generally unisex-looking, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is the colour.

Made from a refined plastic, it's durable and offers a genuine dose of class welcome among the legions of metal chainmail and leather that dominate the third party strap market. There's also a red, white and blue Classic s men's version, too.

Most breathable sports bands, however, opt for circular perforations that make them look like slices of cheese. Catalyst's option opts for triangles, which makes it look a tad better.

While this band is a solid performer in the working out arena, its double notch, which lodges into the band's perforations, means you're not going to feel like this will fly off your wrist. However, you also don't want to shell out for it.

That's when you'll turn to Monowear's Nylon Active, a nylon loop strap. There's a genuine leather panel on the back and stainless steel lugs, making this a good match for either the aluminium or stainless steel Apple Watch variations. It's a bit flashier than what you may be used to through standard straps, but it does help zhuzh up the bezel and turn the Watch into a bit more of a fashion piece.

The band is made from stainless steel and zirconia stones, coming in both 38mm and 42mm variants. The Modern Strap has got a bold, minimalistic style that's reminiscent of a sports band in the right lighting - but it's not, with slim-to-nil stitching and a refreshing slate grey colour.

The straps are made out of Horween leather and are designed to patina over time, giving you a rugged long-term look to complement its modern design. They're tactical straps made out of authentic military paracord. You can also customise it to your heart's content, with more than 40 different colour combinations.

It's not actually crocodile leather, with Strapple instead using a fine Italian calfskin leather and embossed alligator pattern. Pair with a nice space black Apple Watch and you have something that screams luxury. The "racing" strap is punched with holes to add extra detail, and you can choose between black and silver connectors and buckles. At 20mm it doesn't dominate the wrist, and trumps its competitors in the leather aroma department. It's right up there in the price bracket, but you're getting a higher quality leather strap than Apple's at the same price point.

It's got genuine glove tanned leather with heat-creased ends and hand-finished tacking. There's also a bundle of charms to accent the bands.

Only available for the 38mm. Pairing water-resistant Cordura fabric with full grain leather accents, its hard-wearing canvas build will stand up to whatever you can throw at it, day after day after day. Pairing substance with style, it looks effortlessly cool too, and is comfortable to wear all day. It's available exclusively for the 42mm Apple Watch.

It's a brown leather strap with some subtle camo printed on it, so if you want your wrist-based device to blend into your wardrobe while also being simple you're in look. This works exclusively for the 42mm Apple Watch, unlike the other Coach, with is 38mm only.

You too can now enjoy that light, airy strap built especially for exercise. If you're a runner, this band is a winner. Plus, Nike's bands are colour coordinated to match its shoes so you'll always be in sync. A classic link bracelet made from black ebony wood, the strap feels delightful, with each link smoothed and polished.

What's more, it's light and comes with a high quality buckle. Word of warning, however, the adjustment is really tough and it's easy to damage the band. The Horween is far darker than normal leather straps, and comes with the clasps and connectors required for an instant fit.

Your first choice is between a Classic or a more refined Elegance design, then there's a choice of leathers — smooth, granulated, goat, real ostrich — and then you can go about picking from one of the 30 different colour options. They're not cheap, but they look the part. Remember those stretch metal watch bands you could wear? Speidel has now modernized its classic band for Apple Watch in both 38mm and 42mm. You'll buy it for the nostalgia and charm, but you'll keep it for the comfort and long-lasting craftsmanship.

X-Doria's Action Band is what you want. It's made out of a soft silicone that's perforated a little for extra breathability.

Those perforations also double as slots to fasten the strap. On top of all that, it also manages a fairly interesting two-tone design — like something from the game Halo. And boy, does it feel good to wear. If you're looking for something to complement a suit, this band is for you. We tested it during a wedding and found it drew a considerable amount of attention, with people asking whether it was a new band from Apple.

It comes with either gold, black or silver lugs.

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