Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau - Knives Out [Radiohead]

Pickathon 2010: 2+2=5 (Radiohead Cover) - Punch Brothers

Chris will be here soon! And if so, has history taught you nothing?

Chris will be here soon! And if so, has history taught you nothing? I have a lot of faith, and if I worried too much about history I would just kill myself now. Being a Cub fan is about having faith when history says you shouldn't. And this year we have reason to hope. We have an incredible, all be it schizophrenic, lineup. Pitching is a little bit of a concern, but who does not have pitching problems? I do not see why we should not be as hopeful as any other fans.

But your suspicion is warranted. We still are the Cubs and must keep one fist knocking on whatever wood we can find Linda Bristol What was it like getting to perform with Dolly Parton? Dolly is Dolly, all the time. That is not an act. That is who she is.

She offered me kissing lessons once and I should have taken her up on it Do not want any tabloid fodder. Mike, Cincy Chris, who are your musical influences?

To me what makes them all the same is what makes me, and that is the music that I should make. I have never played a note at Wrigley, although I have gone to many, many games. But never have I gotten to do it at Wrigley, so tell someone to sign me up. Tell Hendry he has two jobs, finding us a starting pitcher and signing Punch Brothers to be the permanent national anthem singers at Wrigley.

It will give us the unity we need! England I have noticed you are an extreamly stylish man Do you choose your own clothes? Back in the day, when I was in a more commercially viable band, I had a stylist on occasion, but in Punch Brothers we are in charge of our own wardrobe. My fashion sense comes from Greg Maddux I actually think if Maddux were a Cub we could get him 10 quick wins during the second half of the season. Poor guy, he is but his ERA is under 4. I hold the Padres personally responsible for that.

But getting back to style, I do try to have a British sense of style, so maybe it's working in the UK. But thanks for the compliment. What else do you like to watch on the road? It is the kind of thing, when on a tour bus, it is on at least once a week. You have to check in with the Dude and be sure you are abiding properly. That is my routine and it calms me down after a night of intense music making. I really like watching tennis late at night as well; I love watching Federer play and trying to play the mandolin equivalent of what is happening on the court.

With Punch Brothers we have a van, and we listen to every Cubs games, huddled around the ole' satellite radio. And one of our new pastimes if going back and forth from the metal channel to the praise and worship channel. If you go back and forth between those, I think you become a pretty well rounded person.

Megan Reardon, Oxford, Ohio A triple header! What's your favorite movie, album, and book of the last year? As far as books, The Master And Margarita.

How sick are you of getting that question? I made music with Sean for 18 years of my life and I love him to death, and that seems like enough. I am very sick of the question, but I am very grateful for the tact with which you asked it. I really do appreciate the question, and I really do appreciate you asking. I am really glad people liked it so much, and I can accept the fact that fans of the band may not like what I am doing now. But I cannot be a frozen picture of myself at the age of Right now I am making the music I like to hear and I found a group of guys to do it with and it is really, really fun.

So I encourage everyone to check it out and listen to it five times through before deciding if you like it or not, and if you do not than you can put the Nickel Creek album back on. But I love music that challenges me, and I think Punch Brothers do that. Sarah Williams, Spokane, Washington When is the new album coming out? Are there any collaborations with other musicians in the works? There is a new dual record with Edgar Meyer which will be out in August or so, and it is all instrumental.

All the music was written by Edgar and me together. And then the Punch Brothers are starting to write a new record right now. As far as working with other artists, I do not have any definite plans.

The Punch Brothers and the stuff with Edgar is what is really important with me, and eventually I will but out a Bach record, a record of solo Bach pieces. At this point I am letting the band's and my personal evolution dictate what the next set of projects is going to be. But my dream would be to make a record with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. That would be amazing.

You are all beautiful and talented people!

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She considers Thile a logical heir to the show. For now, he will commute from Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, actor Claire Coffee, and their month-old son, Calvin.

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