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Making chocolate at Anthony-Thomas

Columbus, OH The factory tour is a great - inexpensive day trip to do with the kids!

Columbus, OH The factory tour is a great - inexpensive day trip to do with the kids! Tuesdays-Thursdays you can head over for the factory tour. However, we received a dollar off coupon per each dollar spent towards any candy you purchase.

So ultimately, its free as long as you spend a buck in the shop. It was super cool to see the machines in action, oozing chocolate! The employees looked happy as they worked; I guess who could frown surrounded by that much chocolate. The history of the business was pretty interesting - family business. They have 13 shoppes that sell their candies. They contract for larger businesses too. Samples at the end along with the coupons you got earlier put you in the mood to buy some more as the tour ends in the gift shop.

I brought home choc. Only spent six bucks and some change - much less than I would have spent at Chocoholique. Love me some sweet treats! Not as elaborate setup in the execution space as I was envisioning. Meaning there was a decent amount of space between ginormous mixers, conveyor belts and big refrigerators. Small conveyor belts squirt chocolate and other fillings into molds.

Warm areas for melting the chocolate, and there's cool areas where the freezing and packaging happens. But, at any rate, the walking tour of the factory was cool. These ladies seemed to know there stuff. A new tour leaves the gift shop area every minutes, so they have this down to a science. The tour concludes with a buckeye for every patron. Oh, and your ticket will get you a discount on any candies, after the tour.

We Went here for my son's birthday and the Tour Guide Sally was incredibly rude we were rushed to join another tour that had already started never told anything then when i got hot and took my coat off I was holding my clearly locked phone and was berated about how could the other lady have let me up here when I'm taking pictures. I emailed the company and still no response. Editing my review to say they did respond and apologized for the bad experience which was all i wanted.

I appreciate them hearing my concerns we will get them another chance in the future I had a day off on a Thursday, and brought my 4-yr-old granddaughter here for a tour. It was pretty cool. The lady leading the tour knew her stuff. We went upstairs to look down onto the floor as she explained the processes and we watched the workers handling the candy on the machines and conveyors. They have lots of chocolate and candy to choose from in the showroom.

It's a great way to spend an hour. You've been driving down and witnessed their large pink bunny atop their building. The location's no mystery-sign says Anthony Thomas. What is a mystery is what's inside that building. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, chocolate covered fruit, Buckeyes, bulk candy and more. All this can be bought in the store found inside that huge bunny building. All this can be experienced though a factory tour, which, I haven't taken yet, but will.

I mean, why not? I stopped in for the first time to see if they had anything for Easter. What's great is that they had sugar-free Easter themed candy, which provides a fun option for those who can't enjoy sugar. Finding the shop can get a little tricky. It's not hard, but not as easy as it is spotting it from My best suggestion is to Map It and keep your eyes open for what Morgan D included in her photos.

The area is a little industrial and there's a good amount of parking but I'm sure it gets full during their candy sales. Looking forward to Valentine's. The hubby and me had a day off work so we headed down to Columbus. The factory has a gift shop, and there you can buy a ticket for a tour. The ticket can then be used toward the purchase of chocolate. This place makes Buckeyes as well as chocolate holiday items for larger famous companies. The tour is great. I'm a nerd and loved it. I ended up buying so much chocolate and candy it was insane.

Great if you have school aged kids for sure. Highly recommend if you are in Columbus! The tour was really cool. You also get a buckeye at the end of the tour which was a bonus!

Being from out of town, I had never heard of Anthony Thomas before but I am now a fan. Their chocolate is so creamy and I love the variety of chocolates and other types of candy they had in the gift shop. Prices were reasonable also. I went to the Arlingate facility several times before actually gaining access please note their business hours , but once I got into the candy shoppe and that nose tingling chocolate scent overtook me, my frustrations dissipated.

I inquired about the big buckeye, and was disappointed to find out that it's solid milk chocolate, no peanut butter. I grabbed a bag of Cherry Sours and hit the display case to handpick a small variety of candies. I got a chocolate graham, one raspberry and one lemon cream, two buckeyes, two caramels, two cherry cordials, two crunches, a chocolate covered orange peel, and a coconut flake to be split between myself and Greg.

I tried to memorize what everything looked like as it went into the box; one of my biggest pet peeves about boxed chocolates is you never know what you're about to bite into. I have to admit that I'm not one for oranges, but the lady behind the counter suggested it, and I like trying new things, so I bought in.

The orange peel was actually really good. It was chewy and fresh. I liked it a lot. I also loved the chocolate graham and the caramel candy. The raspberry cream was strange. It had seeds in it, and I didn't like the flavor.

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The buckeye was smooth and creamy. The other candies are waiting to be devoured. I also broke into the Cherry Sours. I could easily eat the entire bag in one sitting. They have a crystallized sugar coating on the outside, and a chewy jelly-bean like center. They just slightly sour. Cost per unit was totally reasonable. Oh, on the way out of the store, I was also offered a chocolate buckeye pretzel. It's basically one of those peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets dipped in chocolate.

If you like salty-sweet as much as I do, try a bag of these. They were yummy and reminded me a bit of that homemade puppy chow Chex mix candy. Touring this factory from the glass encased catwalks that go all through the production area, it felt like living an episode of How It's Made, Unwrapped, or Factory Made. The candy itself was melt in your mouth heaven.

It's up there with Godiva. This is a great day out with your kids or a personal munchie raid. I took off a point though for the exorbitantly expensive prices. It kinda takes some of the fun out of it for you unless money is no object. Ya, ya, Easter is over - but now is a great time to go to A. The chocolate is much better than your typical Hershey bar or cooking chocolate and tastes great. I also like to melt the bunnies down for chocolate fondue, or to grate over a chocolate cream pie or some homemade tiramisu.

You can exorcise demons by chopping the bunnies and adding the chopped bunnies to your favorite chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie recipe. Tell the kids that the Easter Bunny is offering Carte Blanche on the day after Easter, direct from his factory As of this morning, there were still lots of molded bunnies and filled Easter eggs with peanut butter, butter cream, chocolate fudge, and fruit and nuts.

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Anthony-Thomas Candy Company Tour
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