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Murphy’s Law Irish Pub

Rochester, NY Awesome place and great environment.

Rochester, NY Awesome place and great environment. Everyone else is family and food and drinks are fantastic. I recommend everyone come try this place if you are looking for a good time with good people. To preface I got to the bar around closing time and only had time for a beer, so virtually sober encounter. Essentially I took a single step out of the bar to go to the outside portion of the bar, as soon as I took a step out I realized the outside bar was closed so I turned around to go back in to see my friends, at which point I was stopped by the bouncer who said no reentry.

I calmly explained the situation, which of course got me no where. The odd thing was that reentry was allowed for select girls, but not for any men, which is blatantly sexist. At the point I realized I would have to wait outside I decided to strike up a conversation with the bouncer in earnest to pass the time until they came out. He took great offense to this approach, and started getting highly belligerent with me for no apparent reason. As far as I see it the bouncer should be the one deescalating a situation not increasing tension.

At one point while I was trying to cool him down, he put his hands on me and pushed me for again no apparent reason. I should also mention that while I was at the door waiting for my friends, several other people, esp. Whether this was an act of sexual harassment or the simple bullying that I experienced is hard to say.

To sum up, the fact of the matter is you have bouncers inappropriately touching people who try to come into, leave, or communicate with Murphy's Law. It is odd to be treated with so much disrespect while spending money at a venue.

I hope the owner's of Murphy's Law understand the serious liability risk of having someone like that work for them. As for a physical description of the perpetrator in question he was around 6'3", lbs, grey goatee, black hair not natural of course, but from some chemical alteration , probably around 45, deeply insecure, morbidly depressed, high sense of inferiority complex esp.

To the owner's of Murphy's Law, you will hear from me. You sincerely messed up on this one, a written apology from both the venue and the bouncer as well an in person apology from the bouncer while shaking my hand and making eye contact will suffice for my forgiveness.

Normally I don't have to spell out how to show respect and rectify situations, but with this unique case I felt I must. Best wishes to anyone who choices to visit this bar. This place is comical. I am new to the area and heard about this popular bar. I came here and was denied access due to my attire.

I had on a collard shirt, black jeans with subtle rips not showing skin at all. I waited around and started to see that this was a "pick and choose" ordeal. Three ladies went in with ripped jeans. Another guy went in with a rip in one leg. I went back to say, "you let other people in that obviously go against your dress policy. This is a nice bar with a smaller menu and beer list. Service was friendly and prompt. My friend and I were staying in the area for a concert and this place was recommended to us for food.

It was walking distance from the hotel and concert venue which was great, so we figured we'd give it a try. We ordered and split buffalo cauliflower which was delicious. Since we couldn't agree on a sauce, the waitress brought us ranch, BBQ and honey mustard. All were great options but the BBQ was my favorite. My friend ordered a turkey club sandwich and I got the blt, both with a side of tater tots.

The portion was big and filling, my only complaint was that the blt was served dry which I didn't realize and I had to call the waitress back for mayo. Who wants a dry blt?! It threw me off a little but wasn't a huge deal. I'm giving 3 stars because it although it is pub food, it would be nice to have a bigger range of healthier and non greasy options other than just a couple salads.

It was a convenient spot to grab a bite, but nothing to rave about. Dropped by here for a quick drink, wasn't allowed in due to my timberland shoes. Terrible staff and over-all vibe to the place. Very long waits for drinks and food, that would otherwise be good. Selectively enforced dress code that the bouncers are down right rude about. I cringe every time I with friends who want to go to this place. One of the best bars I've been to in Rochester!

People seem to be against the dress code that's enforced on Fridays and Saturdays, which I don't understand.

Great drinks, great environment and food. This bar is straight racist. They mandate a racist dress code that bans black cultural attire yet is not enforced when whites wear the same clothes. I went when I was in NY wearing a fitted cap and was not admitted because of the cap, but three white guys all in fitted Yankees caps were allowed in right behind me.

I asked what gives, and security looked at me and smiled and said not getting in. If you like wearing white hoods and miss Jim Crow, this bar is for you. If not, boycott this racist establishment like everyone else. Love the beer selection! We were seated and served promptly.

Food was good - solid menu with a lot of options. Would recommend to anyone passing through upstate New York. I went there and found a roach in my food. The place is a dump and I would never go back. If you need to go, make sure you have good health insurance. The menu here offered my group all the sort of items we expected for a good weekday after-work hang out. The service was great too especially considering one of my fellow dinners asked for a lot of modifications to their order.

Beer selection is also good for the area. Been to this place twice and I'm already the duke. Says a lot about Rochester. Gold standard for Irish pubs in the area. My favorite place in Rochester besides the airport.

If you are a fan of warm beer, served to you just 20 to 25 minutes after you waited an hour to order it, and getting charged for a double sex on the beach when you ordered a Genny, then Murphy's law is the place for you In all seriousness, I've never been served a cold beer here.

The wait is ridiculously long because the few bartenders they have are flirting rather than serving drinks, and the bouncers won't let you in if you have a hat on or don't like how your dressed. This place presents itself as a transplanted Dublin pub, but treats you like a leper if you show up in a flannel or vest. The only good thing this bar has going for it is the many bouncers and bartenders that knowingly admit and serve minors. Mediocre service and food.

I don't expect much for bar food, but I've definitely had better.

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Lots of corned beef, but not much flavor. Ordered a refill for my cocktail. Instead of bringing a new fresh one bartender took my original glass with still some remaining and poured a new one on top of that. Not worth coming back. My girlfriend and I visited this Pub on Thursday during the jazz festival week. We two well dressed and educated black females walked in there you could count the people when we got there.

We sat at the bar. No one came to us until my friend called one of the bartenders. He was not very welcoming. However, we ignored the snappiness and order a beer each. I even gave a tip which he took and did not thank me.

Mind you hardly no one was there at that time. How long does it take to drink a small bottle of beer. We watch three bartenders walk past us over and over as if we were not there. People started coming in so I called the bartender. I asked was he ever going to see if we needed anything else? He with the same attitude said what do you want. Yes we ordered another beer.

What nail the coffin was I asked him for a lemon and he reach in the container with his hand and tried to hand me the lemon in my hand. I looked at him and asked him why he was so unprofessional and rude to us. I mentioned that I just saw him give three females sitting down from us Lemons and he used an utensil and put the lemons on a napkin. I did not leave my drink because I paid for it.

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